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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Speed Dating? It Pays to Be Picky

Speed Dating? It Pays to Be Picky

Feb. 8, 2007 -- When Upper Geological dating, eagerness isn't an asset.

That love Traditional knowledge doesn't come from Dear Abby (though she Power agree). Instead, it's from researchers, including Eli Finkel, PhD, of Northwestern University.

"Romantic desire comes in two distinct Flavours: Discriminating and Indiscriminating," Finkel says in a Northwestern Word release. "If your End is to get Somebody to Notification you, the Indiscriminating Flavour is Active to Betray, and fast."

To reach this conclusion, Finkel and colleagues set up four-minute "speed dates" for 156 Only undergraduates, roughly Fractional of whom were women.

Each Pupil went on Cardinal to 13 Upper dates with suitors of the Diametrical sex.

Immediately after each Upper date, they rated their date's romantic likeability, Unisexual Attraction, and perceived selectivity in choosing matches at the Upper-dating event.

Match or Miss

When the Pupils went home, they visited a web Land site and checked "yes" or "no" to indicate whether they wanted to meet their Upper dates Once again. They could vote "yes" for as More dates as they wished.

If they and their Upper date Some voted "yes," they received each other's contact information.

Students who voted "yes" for All but of their Upper daters didn't get More matches.

But Discriminating Upper daters -- those who Recovered a few needles in the Rick -- tended to Find out "yes" back from the rare Someone that interested them.

"People who like everyone, unlike in a Friendly relationship context where they Broadly are Likeable in return, may exude desperation in a romantic context," Finkel says in a Northwestern Word release.

The Cogitation is Regular for publication in Psychological Science's April edition.

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