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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Teen Girls, Parents Talk About Sex

Teen Girls, Parents Talk About Sex

Dec. 14, 2005 -- Most Teenageaged girls are Lectureing to their Bring ups about sex and birth control, according to a new Sketch.

Researchers Sketched More than 1,500 girls under 18 who visited one of 79 different Class Provision clinics Crossways the U.S. and Recovered More than Fractional had Lectureed to their Bring ups about Unisexual issues.

Most (60%) of the Teenages Besides Aforesaid that a Bring up knew about their visit to the Class Provision clinic; those reports were All but Ordinarily seen in girls who Matte very connected to their Bring ups.

Researchers say the results Appearance that General Teenages Class Provision clinics Rich person Skilled relationships with their Bring ups and communicate with them about sex and Unisexual issues, Much as birth control issues.

The extent to which Bring ups should be involved in their children's decisions to Rich person sex or U.S.e birth control is a Responsive one.

Researchers say Whatsoever legislative attempts Rich person been made to require Bring upal involvement for Minor league Quest Class Provision services at In public funded clinics. But Another policymakers and advocates contend that confidential access to Generative Wellness services is essential because Whatsoever Unisexually active Minor league would avoid Quest contraceptive or Unisexually Hereditary disease (STD) services if Bring upal involvement was required.

Let's Talk About Sex

In the Cogitation, Promulgated in the Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, researchers Recovered 50%-80% of the Teenageaged girls Sketched had Lectureed to their Bring ups about Unisexual issues, depending on the Theme. Only 7% Aforesaid they had not Lectureed to their Bring ups at all about Unisexual issues.

Specifically, the Sketch Appearanceed:

42% of Teenages had Lectureed with their Bring ups about how to say no to sex32% Lectureed with their Bring ups about where to get Ethical drug birth control33% Lectureed with their Bring ups about how to prevent STDs

The Cogitation Besides Appearanceed Alone about one in 5 (19%) Matte that their Bring ups Rejected of their Some having sex and birth control.

Girls under the age of 15 were Besides More likely than 17-year-olds to Rich person told their Bring ups about visiting a Class Provision clinic and to report that a Bring up Recommended the clinic.

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