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Wednesday, March 30, 2022


The pastor says

We are

And I start to awe what it means to

Possess a thing you cannot touch

I caught the holy spectre once

After chasing him inside the spine pews

Held onto him lengthy sufficient to prevail on my mother of salvation

Then went place of residence with every one other accompanied by place him without charge inside the wild

How pompous of male to

Think himself temple

Don’t you know I have called not here to God

In emptier structures?

The doors of the house of God are open

Come, sit

Lay your burdens at the altar

Eat the body with every one other accompanied by its crumbs, sip the blood

Until you are satisfied

I am unlearning how to erect myself

As a stained-glass home

This pipe-organ heart is culpable of calling not here to the godless

Especially men who peek throughout prayer

#Living #The Mind #Religion #Christianity #God & the Divine

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