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Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Book of Books

Father holds up a cloud, a glowing, seething archive, vibrating accompanied by code, a book accompanied by each item inside it, with every one other accompanied by says beti: from this, you will interpret our history. There is another me inside a side by side cosmos lunging inside warrior asana, accompanied by the hour dated with every one other accompanied by discipline to attend to the flitting syntax of clouds, telling me to “go girl.” There is yet another me inside a side by side universe, legs folded inside lotus asana, ?balanced precariously on a cloud, immersed inside the language of gurus, who spits on my efforts. And yet another, crushed by market forces, head with every one other accompanied by torso twisted sideways at an impossible angle, whispering “go girl.” And still another, contorted inside an identical position nevertheless inside reverse—as if inside looking glass world, giving me permanent side-eye. And at that hour dated another, crouched inside an obscene squat, who says the book of books is a pathological contrivance, goading me to embrace my creature life. And yet another, who has decadeMusic decad arms, one of which holds up the severed head of the father, none of which holds a single book.

#Relationships #Family & Ancestors #Social Commentaries #Race & Ethnicity

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