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Saturday, March 26, 2022

The Most Beautifullest Thing

I had a dream

That I read a poem

To a woman

And cried

At how beautiful

It was

And she cried

At how beautiful

That was

And I thought

How flat my

Thoughts are

A problem.

A white woman

Said she would

Never teach me

How to whistle

And I only

Asked because

She knew how

To whistle

And maybe

I should just

Say how beautiful

That was. when I was

At the bar

And Greg

Was spinning

A woman

Walked by me

And found

A spot

To dance,

Not with

Any body

Or looking

At some one

And if right

Now you’re


If knowing

Who Greg is

Is important

I will

Just speak no

But it helps,

And yes Greg

Is important.

My ex’s glasses

I found

In my bathroom

That she

Told me

To hurl away

The ability

To pivot

Sleep. after

We broke

Up I told

My friend


And if you’re


Yes, you

Need to


What I said

About Greg.

Yes, we

Were drunk

Yes, most

Of it is a blur

But the

Events aren’t

Really important.

But. back

To my dream

What do

You think

That woman

Looked like,

How about

The woman

At the club,

How about

If I tell you

That neither

Of them looked

Like the woman

Who, like

A hunter,


The hound

Run off

To convey back

What was

Shot out

Of the sky,

And realizes

I don’t want

To go nearer back.

What’s beautiful

About that

Is a beagle

Standing by

A lagoon,

So maybe

I’ll just

Stand here

For a while,

The breeze

Feels nice,

I tin smell

The petrichor.

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