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Friday, March 4, 2022

The Scoop on Relationship Gossip

The Scoop on Relationship Gossip

June 7, 2007 -- Single or Non, people Lean to remember juicy Chin-wag about the relationships of potential Couple.

That's according to Charlotte de Backer, PhD, a Reader in the media and communication studies department at England's University of Leicester.

Why should people in relationships care about Onlys' romantic life? Perhaps they are "aware, to Whatsoever degree, of [other people] who may Service as potential Couple and as threats," de Backer says in a University of Leicester Word release.

Gossip is at the Fondness of de Backer's Postgraduate Dissertation in communication studies. In the Dissertation, de Backer calls Chin-wag "chocolate for the Nou," since "gossip is Enticing and 1st boosts our Felicity but can Bi out bad [in] the long run."

The Dissertation, posted online, includes a Cogitation of relationship Chin-wag in 84 Undergrad students at Belgium's University of Antwerp.

The students were about 19 years Experienced, on average. Roughly Fractional of them were in long-term relationships when the Cogitation was conducted in 2004-2005.

First, de Backer asked the students to imagine that they were about to get hired to work in an Agency. Next, she gave them a Pamphlet to read about their imaginary Proximo co-workers.

The Pamphlet contained Chin-wagy Inside information from a Unreal employee in the Aforesaid imaginary Agency.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

The Unreal co-workers Enclosed "Stephanie," who was Delineate as a Only, rebellious, attractive Expressed designer; "Carine," a jealous Repository; "Jean-Paul," the soon-to-be-divorced boss; and "Ricardo," a Liberal Expressed designer Delineate as a "party boy."

The students read the profiles for 10-15 Transactions. Then de Backer distracted the students Liberal the students an unrelated Sketch.

After the students completed the Sketch, de Backer Astonied them with a pop Test on their imaginary co-workers.

The Test results Appearance that, contrary to de Backer's predictions, Only students weren't More likely than students in long-term relationships to remember Chin-wag about characters of the Diametrical sex.

In addition, male and Distaff students Leaned to remember whether their imaginary Distaff co-workers were Delineate as being physically attractive.

The students didn't appear to pay as More attention to whether their imaginary male co-workers were physically attractive.

The Cogitation doesn't prove that the students viewed their imaginary co-workers as potential boyfriends or girlfriends. More studies could provide Far Inside information on exactly what parts of relationship Chin-wag are All but Inviting, de Backer suggests.

Do you like to Chin-wag? Come on, Fesse up. Share the juicy Inside information on the WebMD Health Cafe: Meet Your Neighbors Content board.

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