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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

This Online Shopping Habit Is Sympathetic Magick

Sweater buttoning down the back, black flower crown, velvet

Laced boots—so filled of content.

Right to

To depart from to rot. In the plug opening so a a large amount of debris not living

It’s ritual potential.

My phone is a radio this morning, telling me

Whose hair still writhing.

Where do I buy an ethic.

I have this arsenal of ethanol, excellent selfie lighting

And stomped-in elegance; this arsenic of aspiration.

Pinterest boards of visions, mystic while malleable cutlery. Imitation

Is categorized while primitive magic

But I fair Googled

“Kim Kardashian place on clothes size,” the amount of sophisticated

Machine with every one other accompanied by pile production—machinating the myth

That poison is a woman’s art. The body accompanied by arsenic rejects:

Vomit, gore vomit, hair loss. It was beautiful,

The palette

Of rich greenish lushing the wall, the fondant layers of Victorian

Dresses dyed accompanied by arsenic. Died for the deep affection of it,


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