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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Three white Ole Miss students use guns to vandalize a memorial to lynching victim Emmett Till

They constitute their bodies while if they’ve fair bagged

Their earliest 10-point buck. One holds a shotgun,

Another squats beneath the shot-up sign,

A third stands accompanied by an AR-15.

Three faces smiling, hoisting guns

In front of a bullet-ridden marker:

Was removed from the river.

It is hunters’ hours.

The sign’s jagged holes could slice

A finger. Those students are someone’s sons

Or brothers, not a a large amount of older than

The young Black boy, his body beaten,

Tethered to a 75-pound cotton-gin fan

And thrown into the Tallahatchie.

This is an elderly story, a Southern Gothic.

To deny this boy’s existence with every one other accompanied by then

Deny the marker that says he lived

Breaks me every one time. The camera captures

The night’s black cover, the tall grasses,

The momentary flash

Illuminating their shit-eating grins

And the firearm barrels’ glint—lifetimes

Of getting away accompanied by it.

#Living #Sorrow & Grieving #Social Commentaries #History & Politics #Race & Ethnicity

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