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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Top 5 Reasons for Skipping Sex

Top 5 Reasons for Skipping Sex

Feb. 10, 2009 -- Being Worn out or Demanding Nap are the top reasons for skipping Gender, a new poll shows.

The General poll, conducted by phone in January by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, Enclosed 1,000 adults 18-75. Women made up 52% of the Grouping. Most participants, 57%, were married or living with a partner, and 48% Rich person kids Jr. than 18 living at home.

Most participants, 81%, Aforesaid they sometimes avoided Gender last year. Here are their top 5 reasons for not having Gender, On with the percentage of participants who chose that reason (they could choose More than one reason for not having Gender):

Too Worn out or Demand Nap: 53%Not Impression well or Wellness reasons: 49%Not in the Climate: 40%Taking care of children and/or pets: 30%Work: 29%

The Tired economy wasn't one of their reasons. Of the 595 participants who Rumored being Genderually active in 2008, 78% Aforesaid that the economy hadn't affected how Oft they Rich person Gender.

Other findings from the Sketch include:

45% of Genderually active participants say they've ever planned a Clip to Rich person Gender with their partners, but Alone 7% Agenda Gender on their calendar or PDA.56% of men Aforesaid they Consider about Gender daily, compared to 19% of womenPeople who rate their Wellness as "poor" are less likely to Rich person Gender, but they're not less likely to Consider about Gender.Parents of kids Jr. than 18 were More likely to report having Gender in 2008 than people not living with children.

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