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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Up, Up from Daydreams/Lullaby

Your eyes near while in a short time while I place you inside the plastic

Moon of a automobile seat. Connect the seatbelts, check

The seat-to-car belts. Face turned to one side, brown

Like mine. Fists while an alternative of hands fair exist fond of me. Is this

All you got from me? At least the seat is installed right

Thanks to a fireman at Station 37. At least you smile

When you nap & nap exist fond of it’s your position of employment since I still

Don’t know what I’m supposed to do when you wake

Up. In your fantasy of passing cars & Oregon hills

Underneath us, I chant a made-up air while Federico

Aubele & the car’s intemperate hum really lullaby:

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