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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

[“Sometimes we awe what unfailing means…”]

Sometimes we awe what unfailing means

When nothing’s warrantied to last. Our car

Breaks down among the clay-red hills, ravines

Unmarked. Nowhere, New Mexico. We’re far

From cities that we know. It takes trio days

To tow our brokenness across the state,

Driving half-speed with every one other accompanied by braking for delays,

The detours up ahead. I navigate.

You drive. I tell you, I want clean with every one other accompanied by bright,

To commerce inside clattering with every one other accompanied by rubberneck

For rate or fair fidelity. The light

Is leaking from the sky, our trip a wreck.

You say, repairing engines is an art—

All of these small devices split apart.

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