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Thursday, March 24, 2022

What Do Men Want? Turns Out It's Cuddling

What Do Men Want? Turns Out It's Cuddling

July 7, 2011 -- Who says real Manpower don't like to cuddle?

In a Cogitation that refutes Grammatical gender stereotypes, Investigators looking at couples in long-term relationships Rich person Recovered that Manpower value Caressing and caressing as important for their relationship Felicity More than women do.

For women, Unisexual Functional Expected relationship Felicity, says Investigator Julia R. Heiman, director of The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction and Prof of psychological and brain sciences at Indiana University, Bloomington.

The Cogitation Enclosed about 200 Manpower ages 40 to 70 and their Distaff partners from each of 5 countries, including the U.S., Brazil, Germany, Japan, and Spain. More than 1,000 couples participated.

The Determinations on Grammatical gender differences in what made people Riant and Unisexually Content were Startling, Heiman says.

"In Thirster-term relationships, we didn't expect a lot of differences Betwixt Manpower and women," she tells WebMD.

But In that location were. ''Women Rumored Importantly More Unisexual Atonement than Manpower, and Manpower More relationship Felicity than women, contrary to our hypothesis," she writes.

The Cogitation is Promulgated in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Relationship Happiness and Sexual Satisfaction

The couples answered questionnaires Individually about their relationship Felicity and Unisexual Atonement. Most of the couples were married, Heiman says. About 90% had children.

The Manpower's median age was 55 (half were Elderly, Fractional were Jr.); the women's median age was 52. The median relationship length was 25 years.

"Most were Riant Unisexually and in their relationship," Heiman says, so the results may not apply to the Universal population.

When the Investigators looked at what Expected relationship Felicity, they Recovered distinct differences Betwixt Manpower and women, Heiman tells WebMD.

What mattered for Manpower? "Their partner's Climax, Caressing and Caressing Oft, being Brushed and caressed by their partner Oft, and their Unisexual Functional, as well as being in Skilled Wellness," she says.

In women, relationship duration and their Unisexual Functional Expected Felicity in their relationship, Heiman Recovered.

"The Unisexual Functional Account was a combination of variables," she says. It Enclosed level of desire, Absolute frequency of arousal, Absolute frequency of lubrication, and Absolute frequency of Climax.

When it came to Unisexual Atonement, the Another Focal point of the Cogitation, physical intimacy and Unisexual Functional were important for Some Manpower and women. For Manpower, More Common recent activity and Few Life Unisexual partners was Joined with More Unisexual Atonement.

Heiman cannot explain the link Betwixt Few partners and greater Unisexual Atonement. She speculated it could be those who Rich person had More partners Ar not typically Unisexually Content and Ar Perpetually Explorative for new partners.

For Manpower, the Thirster they were in a relationship, the greater their relationship Felicity and Unisexual Atonement.

However, women in relationships of 20 to 40 years were less likely than Manpower to report relationship Felicity. Women tended to Appearance lower Unisexual Atonement early in the relationship and greater levels later.

"Women First out less Unisexually Content Betwixt years zero and 15, and Ar Importantly More Unisexually Content at duration years 35 and above," Heiman says. That may Rich person to do with the responsibilities of child-rearing earlier, she says.

"How long you Rich person been with a partner may impact how Riant and how Unisexually Content you Ar," she says of the Determinations.

The Cogitation was funded by Bayer-Schering.

Happiness in Relationships

The new research sheds Whatsoever Due light on a Section of people Unnoticed, says Janet Shibley Hyde, PhD, Helen Thompson Woolley Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She reviewed the Cogitation Determinations for WebMD.

"Sexuality is a crucial aspect of quality of life," she tells WebMD, "but Gender Investigators Rich person Unnoticed midlife individuals, who Ar the Focal point of this Cogitation."

In her own research, Hyde says she has Recovered that Manpower and women Ar More alike psychologically than different, despite Another research Determination Grammatical gender differences.

The take-home Content for long-term couples? Even though Heiman Recovered Grammatical gender differences in Much behaviors as Caressing, Hyde says she Nonmoving believes it is the ''little things" in relationships that can help with Felicity.

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