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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Why You Can't Overlook a Pretty Face

Why You Can't Overlook a Pretty Face

Sept. 20, 2007 -- Beauty may be in the eye of the Observer, but the eye finds it really Corneous to look away from the physically attractive -- and new research Appearances why that is.

It all boils down to your relationship Condition, Evoke Florida State University (FSU) Psychological science researchers including Jon Maner, PhD.

In a paper Called "Can't Take My Eyes Off You," they Evoke that heterosexual Onlys Regard at physically attractive people of the Diametrical Gender because they're looking for a potential mate.

People who are in relationships don't do that, since they're not looking for a mate. But they warily watch very attractive people of the Aforesaid Gender because they may poach their mate, Maner's Squad observes.

Those habits Befall in the blink of an eye, Moving under the Radiolocation of the conscious Nou, the researchers report in September's Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Can't Look Away

"If we're interested in Determination a mate, our attention gets quickly and Mechanically Cragfast on attractive members of the Diametrical Gender," Maner says in a Word release.

"If we're jealous and worried about our partner cheating on us, attention quickly and Mechanically gets Cragfast on attractive people of our own Gender because they are our competitors," he adds.

"These kinds of Basic cognitive process biases can Come Altogether External our conscious awareness," Maner says.

Pretty Pictures

In a Serial of experiments, Maner's Squad Appearanceed pictures of people ranging from "very unattractive" to "very attractive" to 442 heterosexual FSU undergraduates.

The students watched the Pics pop up, 1 by 1, on a computer Blind. Each picture was displayed for a Cut 2nd, followed by a Hearty or circle that sometimes Appearanceed up on Some other part of the Blind.

The students were told to press a computer key, as quickly as possible, to indicate whether they saw a circle or Hearty. They Besides completed questionnaires about their relationships.

When the Pic had Appearancen a very attractive Someone, the students were slower to look away from the Bit on the Blind where that Pic had been.

Single people Alone did that after Sighted Pics of very attractive people of the Diametrical Gender. The researchers call that a "mate-search" phenomenon.

People in relationships Alone lingered after Sighted Pics of very attractive people of the Aforesaid Gender. Maner's Squad calls that "mate-guarding" behavior, which was particularly Noticeable among jealous people.

The Cogitation doesn't Appearance whether people actually act on those instant visual impulses. But the Determinations may help explain the visual Gin of physical attractiveness.

(What is the 1st Matter to attract you to the Diametrical Gender? Talk about it on WebMD's Sexuality: Friends Talking Content board.)

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