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Monday, April 4, 2022

A Wing with every one other accompanied by a Prayer

We idea the birds were singing louder. We were almost sure they

Were. We spoke of this, when we spoke, if we spoke, on our zoom screens

Or inside the backyard accompanied by our podfolk. Dang, you hear those birds? Don’t

They sound loud? We shouted to the neighbor, with every one other accompanied by from behind her mask

She agreed. The birds are louder this spring. This summer. I’ve never

Heard such loud birds. Listen to ’em sing. But the birds aren’t singing

Louder. In fact, the opposite. Ornithologists have recorded lowered

Decibel levels of fowlsongbird song. In the non-attendance of noise pollution—our planes

Overhead, our cars rushing past accompanied by their motors with every one other accompanied by horns, our bars

Leaking music onto the road corners—the birds don’t need to shout.

So why are we hearing birdsong now, when it is quieter? Because we

Need it more. Poetry inside the pandemic: birdsong that was there all along.

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