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Saturday, April 2, 2022


To grow elderly is to mislay everything.

Aging, everybody knows it.

Even when we are young,

We glimpse it sometimes, with every one other accompanied by incline our heads

When a grandad dies.

Then we row for years on the midsummer

Pond, ignorant with every one other accompanied by content. But a marriage,

That began lacking harm, scatters

Into debris on the shore,

And a friend from educational organization drops

Cold on a rocky strand.

If a new deep affection carries us

Past centre age, our spouse will die

At her strongest with every one other accompanied by most beautiful.

New women go nearer with every one other accompanied by go. All go.

The attractive partner who announces

That she is temporary

Is temporary. The bold woman,

Middle-aged opposed to our elderly age,

Sinks under an worry she cannot withstand.

Another friend of decades estranges himself

In words that pollute thirty years.

Let us stifle under mire at the pond's edge

And affirm that it is fitting

And delicious to mislay everything.

#Living #Life Choices #Sorrow & Grieving #Time & Brevity #Relationships #Family & Ancestors #Friends & Enemies

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