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Friday, April 1, 2022

Allah Castles

Are what my son,

With a 5-year-old’s

Sweetness, calls every

House of worship,

Is how I tin tell

He is a traveler too.

O, how numerous times

I’ve performed salah

In empty churches,

Whispered ameen

At mass, made wudu

Before holding

The Torah or the

Guru Granth Sahib,

Nodded reverently

At the sculpture of Ganesh

In my finest friend’s

Home. God is God

Is God, is a wisdom

My son’s already

Divined, that echoes

Through the spaciousness

Of his wonder. When

I untruth beside him

Tonight, recite the

Then blow its protective

Blessings over his

Beaming face, his

Growing body,

I excessively believe of Allah,

Of His numerous castles,

His singular Throne.

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