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Monday, April 18, 2022

Black Princess! Black Princess!

Glass of water, Madam. You'll exist pleased to know

Your parents have been completely vetted,

Though that father is a cross to bear, isn't he?

Your mother is a gulp of air of fresh air.

Though, shame concerning her listing her occupation as

'yoga teacher' not fair 'teacher'.

We could have made something of that:

'Lecturer, Professor' etc.

You, Madam, went to a good school, didn't you?

Hollywood, I hear.

We're eager to retain away from some difficult questions,

Should they arise, concerning how a yogi single mother

Could pay for to dispatch her feminine child to a good school.

But, all verified, she's through!

Now, we must comb into and not here of your hair.

Just joking! We've attended training on that issue

But we will have to comb into and not here of every one partner you've had—

Sexual, oral, flat one lingering look past platonic,

We'll need to know concerning it: earliest name, last name fair here.

Don't exist coy. If some name has 'slipped your mind',

Then please exist exact while possible accompanied by date, time, venue

And a filled physical description; no indeed one excessively difficult to find.

How numerous strength we exist expecting, Madam?

Do you know your gore type? When was your last period?

Smear? Chemical peel? Your doctors will exist questioned,

Nothing severe, fair a sort checking all is inside order,

That your womb is suitably ermine-lined.

Your doctors will have to sign disclosures too

To retain protected from danger you, themselves, with every one other accompanied by of course, The Family

—all actuality well,

A real pay-off some strength say. Madam.

#Social Commentaries #Gender & Sexuality #History & Politics #Race & Ethnicity

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