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Monday, April 18, 2022


Behold the supernatural occurrence of afro hair.

Blackness so complete

You could place your hand in,

Never obtain it back. Recognise

The shark eyes of boredom,

The dial of set of two women

Tending to every one hair on your head

Cussing a curve into a needle,

Thick yarn spooling,

The scissors are fair there

But teeth are closer.

Ever sat for thirteen hours

In the same chair?

Scalp sliced so numerous times

You can't recall if you are girl

Or railroad?

Ever not received what was meant to be

In the bag?—Softness,

Choose a new report of yourself

Every 2-3 months. Be Russian, Hawaiian,

Virgin—at 8, 16,

22 inches. Go electric blue, blonde,

Faith Evans-auburn.

Enter the shabby palaces

Named following the high priestesses;

En Vogue, Cleopatraz, Rihanna's;

Promising following to nothing—

Not an appointment, good service,

Politeness, a mirror,

That you'll depart from earlier to dark;

To exist left-hand accompanied by fifty per cent of a head

So another shopper tin exist squeezed in

For Ghana braids, you're kidding

If you believe that a carton of wings with every one other accompanied by chips

Won't exist eaten over your fresh weave,

Leftover finger-grease used to smooth it.

From the

On everlasting pull-up,

Radio warbling atop moist towels,

But it's either Celine's heart going on with every one other accompanied by on

And on, or the cacophony of phone calls

About papers, Pampers, the cost of meat.

Girl, you're the blackest you strength at some time exist inside here,

Stop pulling away

From the crepe roll of her belly

Over tightest jeans. Let it rise,

Rest on your earlobe.

Dare to breathe uniform on her hand;

Jackie, Marcia, Tat—omnipresent aunties

Who won't flinch or speak you breathe heavy.

When you are eventually did,

You tip, she pockets it, saying,

Always have money.

#Living #Coming of Age #Youth #Social Commentaries #Race & Ethnicity

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