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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Crusa: The Hour earlier to Dawn

In the hour earlier to dawn, I rise up

To present with myself a little bit

Before it all starts again.

“Rise up” is not really what I do;

I untruth there, awake, on my pallet,

And extremely still, hardly breathing.

I listen, build sure no indeed one else is stirring,

Make sure nobody hears me.

I lay clasp of a few moments to hear to

My gore beating inside my ear,

Hear my own breath

Easing not here my lips.

I permit myself sink, ease down

Again, for fair a few minutes

In the cool gray

Before it all starts

All over on one occasion additional and

Goes with every one other accompanied by goes

Until the centre of the night

And I collapse on rough cloth,

Too tired to ease into sleep,

Too frayed to dream

Good dreams, knots inside my back

Like cobblestones.

I want to labour for myself

Not for important human being else.

I want to be paid my own keep.

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