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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Driving Home from Keyworth’s

Sharing the knee belt, we glide imperfectly into every one other

As Dad speeds into and not here of an overpass. His daddy raised


The money to have bad ideas with every one other accompanied by this is a new truck so we

Better not be in touch something we’re not supposed to. My brother

And I portion a Zippo with every one other accompanied by Swiss Army Knife. All we are allowed

To illumination are our own birthday candles. Mom says we tin cut

The beige-dead slack off of grass.


Dad drive

Everything our father does has wings. And since we behaved

While he left-hand us inside the automobile accompanied by the engine running while he ducked

Into Keyworth’s Hardware store, Dad lets us build while if to steer.

Each of us on a knee, our inherited hands, pulling. We tussle

Up the driveway. They are lessening us an ashtray fortune, dimes

Collide accompanied by quarters. My brother, his blond hair, calls not here about

A squirrel five yards away that strength sprint into the road. Dad shouts

With joy-of-the-moment,

And howl—I’m actuality laughable now. But have you at some time sat next

To a human being with every one other accompanied by known the place of residence of your own name?

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