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Sunday, April 17, 2022

How Is Temperature inside East?

We leaving tomorrow.

Call me to speak bye I

Lo----ve you

Be lazy

You deserve it. I am so

Exiting intelligent Santa

Babara trip. We had

Gone you were quartet years


I didn’t know I will

Be this number of years with every one other accompanied by be in touch tired

So uncomplicated with every one other accompanied by retain forget

Everything. You are

In your precious times.

But don’t fail to remember you

Will exist my number of years with every one other accompanied by regret

Things. Don’t try to do more

Thing or protected from danger keeping excessively many


How cold? I

Hope you stroll underground

Path. Sometimes chilly wakes

Us up. In Korea I exist fond of winter

Pretty a a large amount of I exist fond of desire

For surviving additional than any

Season. We were hungry

Too. Good luck

How is

Your feeling? I will pray

Every earlier to noon for you. Sorry

That I am not good mother

Who you tin portion everything.

But trust me

I deep affection you more

Than I had loved you.


Are so mature to understand

Old analog emotion.

I want

To speak sad I didn’t share

Enough your suffering when you

Are that young. Thank you

For obtain over your special

Difficulty. I deep affection you and

Strange to speak I respect

You. This centrury is too

Dry. I am contented you have


Don’t skip any

Meal. If you miss, you

Can’t obtain repast forever. I

Just tell you that you have

Strong will to overcome

The situation.

Don’t forget

You are million times

Precious than money. I

Hope you had a good day.

We will dispatch additional corns

Next month.

I have heard

That your cousin cried on her 30th

B-day last week. You guys

Didn’t speak to her. Bad

Sisterhood. Send her

Something. E card, etc.

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