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Monday, April 18, 2022

Is It A Burden

Is it a burden to exist so perfect

And to have such perfect children

And to have such a perfect marriage

And to look so perfect all the time

And to build every one decision perfectly

Cocktails on Thursday accompanied by Sammy—perfect

You know your sweater really does look perfect

That mango salad you made-it turned not here perfectly

And that automobile accompanied by your shoes

Goddammit that's perfect

Your dog—perfect

Your computer

Well it works perfectly

My supervisor—he's perfect

The desk, it looks perfect

All with every one other accompanied by all the day was perfect

And lovely with every one other accompanied by still

What did we do

We walked the earth

So perfect!

Perfect principles

Spring with every one other accompanied by all

It's perfection

Perfectly all right to exist the sallow

Perfect skin with every one other accompanied by teeth

And shiny hair

And the washroom clean

The curtains heavy, cream

Hanging to chunk the noonday sun


The coffin

Light blue

Well that's perfect

The family of worms to eat the face

They did a perfect job

Never coming spine here again

I believe that seems perfect




Oh all the best

My deep affection to you with every one other accompanied by yours



Your little heart

Nestled inside the air

For all to see


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Truth hurts! Nothing is perfect, life is messy. Relationship are complex. Outcomes are uncertain, people are irrational.


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