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Saturday, April 2, 2022


I moist the couch until septet years old. Still of nap deserted to the shove of my back, Get up, Felicia. You peed again. I shimmied the moist shorts off my lanky frame, sniffed the edges of my T-shirt earlier to pulling moist cotton overhead. My naked shoulders side by side to the rim of the sink, only the top of my hair perceptible inside the mirror—what invisibility means to flesh, to a bare ass of a child waiting to exist brought arid underwear & knowing only empty hands & sleeping sighs exist on the far side of the washroom door. The Mayo Clinic says not to exist alarmed for bed-wetting earlier to number of years seven. Development of nighttime bladder control. Reduce bed- wetting. Treat the problem. Treat the problem. Treat the problem. Treat the problem. Did someone place in writing patience following to problem? Did someone place in writing understanding following to problem? Moisture alarm. Cost? Medication. Cost? Treat the problem. Roots versus symptoms. Emotional & psychological. Did someone speak stress leads to a child acting differently? Nighttime wetting a symptom. Which am I?

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