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Sunday, April 17, 2022


Luce, the enslaved

Servant of Richard

Demings, was baptized

With Elizabeth Greenfield,

Whom Demings had been

Seen molesting inside 1734,

At the number of years of 10

Everybody knows. Lots of our people

Call me “Loose Luce” with every one other accompanied by laugh behind my back.

I wasn’t here then, with every one other accompanied by he’s repented

For the times he touched those little white girls.

But when I speak who owns me, eyebrows rise.

That’s why the Demings settled here inside Lyme:

Swept by a fierce contemporaneous of gossip.

That’s why his spouse sleeps inside a separate bed.

Elizabeth was only decadeMusic decad years old

When Susanna caught Master inside the act

Of forcing her to show him her privates,

And told Reverend Parsons what she had seen.

The house of God made Master publicly confess

And pray for forgiveness. And that was years

Before the Demings bought with every one other accompanied by brought me here.

Her shaming had nothing to do accompanied by me.

Elizabeth’s 20 now, same while me.

Her name marks her exist fond of my steeped-tea brown skin.

When our eyes met when we were introduced,

I felt her loneliness. Did she be in touch mine?

She with every one other accompanied by I were among fifteen baptized

Last Sunday. Reborn inside the sacrament,

The Reverend says; welcomed with every one other accompanied by healed by love.

What if you can’t forgive your trespassers?

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