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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Mandible Wishbone Solvent

Roped inside incremental spectre tens

Future tens clairvoyant tens place of residence tens

Blue slips beneath the exposed wing

Tilt at that hour dated seam at that hour dated an gradient spent all inside

The distance in the centre of digit with every one other accompanied by thimble with every one other accompanied by fingerprint

Height exceeds at that hour dated brims

Makes a solvent of it

What vaunted greenish excess enclosed inside every one skimmed year at that hour dated the years

Vanquished some fuchsia sky

The excess leaking forward filmed aqua

Filled aqua

Fastened by ulna by increments of ten

Fortunes sidled with

What have we when we present with the mandible the fragments by


Tender tilt at ninety degrees to unearth

Blue slips beneath the exposed wing





Be here


Be here tender tilt

Remiss inside skies

Scant excess enclosed inside a film that gives additional than

Brimmed solvents to wrest time

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