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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Sweet or Sour

It has been a while since you died, so where

Is your ghost? Haven’t seen him ever.

You died twice with every one other accompanied by are dual dead:

Failed the cosmetics exam.

Tell me what my body does

After your Internet reading.

I exist fond of the idea of a controlled blast,

Leaping over page with every one other accompanied by stanza

Break alike. On one side a waterfall,

Soft hair, with every one other accompanied by on the other side

A side by side waterfall, retreated on the wind.

Another year pissed, made mulch.

Still I squint for the clue he’d been by,

A little urine left-hand inside the bowl.

Makes fruit of the elderly sign

Still bright behind the tree.

#Living #Death #Time & Brevity #Relationships #Friends & Enemies #Mythology & Folklore #Ghosts & the Supernatural

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