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Friday, April 1, 2022

Swimming Pool 2020

When my infant was born

She was laid on my belly.

Her cord was excessively short to convey her higher.

She lifted her head

And looked around.

When they could

My placenta was brought up to me and

Placed inside the crook of my arm.

Then my infant came up to my breast.

Still slow with every one other accompanied by watery

She watched us

Name her call her ours

Stitch me up gash our cord

When it went white.

She never cried.

When I convey her inside the aqua now

She watches silently

As we lay clasp of on

A familiar weightlessness.

My hair floats not here around us.

I clasp her inside my shadow.

I am her moon.

She watches the empty deck.

The pool vacuum circles us exist fond of a planet.

She holds her hand out

And pets the hose while it passes.

#Living #Parenthood #Relationships #Family & Ancestors

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