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Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Barbed Wire Nest

They are dropping well dressed bombs on the adhesive factory.

They are sending saber-toothed drones into the bakery.

They are inseminating the migrant seamstress

And repopulating the peak states

With mutant jackals with every one other accompanied by polyethylene waterfalls.

They are selling our skin cells to the cosmetic surgeons.

They are dismembering nude mannequins

And stacking the spikey limbs inside the courtyard

So you tin climb the pile with every one other accompanied by peek over the barbed wire

For a glimpse at the newly upholstered boardroom

Where they are declawing the assist staff

And drafting the invoice to outlaw the law.

They scheme to gumboot us accompanied by steel-tipped boots

Then they'll stuff us accompanied by arsenic with every one other accompanied by gag us

With clumps of heated tar. They'll assassinate the cartoonists

And fuck every one other on hardbacks inside the library

Before incinerating the archives accompanied by antique flamethrowers.

They'll upper limb the snowmen accompanied by Uzis

And bury the bookkeeper under the mossy rocks

In the backyard With the beekeeper

And the beehive's desiccated hull.

They'll lay clasp of a breach, have a smoke,

And colouring our eyelids shut accompanied by living honey—

So while I still have a face inside my face

I try to look at them accompanied by the most impartial eye

And clasp the gulp of air inside my breath

Until a flood of illumination washes over my body

And when the body has been consumed

The server brings spine my debit card

And the narrow slip of paper with every one other accompanied by the almost inkless pen

And when I turn to sign the paper

The strap of my place on clothes falls over my shoulder.

The pendant nest suspends the breeze.

The sunflower swivels its shadow.

#Social Commentaries #History & Politics

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