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Friday, April 1, 2022

The Baseball Players

Against the bright

Grass the white-knickered

Players, tense, seize,

And attend. A moment

Ago, outfielders

And infielders adjusted

Their clothing, glanced

At the sol with every one other accompanied by settled

Forward, hands on knees;

The pitcher walked back

Of the hill, established

His lid with every one other accompanied by returned;

The catcher twitched

A forefinger; the batter

Rotated his bat

In a slow circle. But now

They pause: wary,

Exact, suspended—


Abiding moonrise

Lightens the angel

Of the overgrown

Hardens, with every one other accompanied by Walter Blake

Adams, who died

At fourteen, waits

Under the footbridge.

#Living #Death #Sorrow & Grieving #Activities #Sports & Outdoor Activities

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