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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Canonization

No male convinced he was going to die

On an island would on an island live

Unless he wanted to die

On that island & i did

Talk concerning an extremity rhyme

But my life’s a poem my death’s

Been writing for a lengthy time

& demise abhors a well-wrought urn

I’m done

& they will burn me where i fall

The aspen clapping ashes

Against the sky’s blue wall

& they tin burn these verses

Too dispatch us all to naught

Let them revel inside the smoke

Let demise upon my life

& life’s labour choke

I’m done

I depart from demise to labour what urn

It will

My father was a sack

Of ash my mother kept

On a windowsill for years following he passed

It didn’t seem to source him a a large amount of distress

I left-hand him on the island

When i left

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