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Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Cauliflower Nest

It's confusing, following eating so a a large amount of cauliflower

From the serving tray, to find oneself alone

Like this, a cutout on the cutting board lengthy after

The blade has dropped. Whatever is useful

In the cruciferous digestive experience will lodge

Somewhere inside the psyche's cluttered nest

So subsequent on, while some foul event runs a flutter,

It strength seep into the fissured footing like

Emergency glue.

A furry shaft wags in the direction of my

Head nevertheless I know it's not a threat. I find

It firm to remain quiet. I speak quiet things

Nodding my head though I have nothing to

Say, with every one other accompanied by inside this I am exist fond of my mother. My teeth

Are not her teeth, my ears are not her ears.

Her dog's flicking tail has no indeed place inside my poem,

Yet it appears,

Arrow-like, its movement stronger

Than some virtue, additional virulent than imagery

Or rhythm. It lights up a sure small portion of the brain,

The way the mere idea of money will ignite

A hot glow around the hypothalamus

But at that hour dated while it diminishes you awe whether

You really desired to become better, stronger,

And additional circumspect inside communal with every one other accompanied by financial


At least my body is a nest, a place

That hums with every one other accompanied by shivers with every one other accompanied by burns, a bungalow

To squash accompanied by other bodies, other bungalows,

Before becoming the cross-eyed ghoul digging up

Dead pets inside the neighbor's backyard graveyard.

A parade of wounds would at least amuse the guests.

#Living #The Body #The Mind #Relationships #Family & Ancestors #Pets

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