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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Too Busy for Little House

I had heard I’s cousin has addiction

To the medicine. I be in touch so bad for her.

Text me when you are inside train. I miss


Please have space to relax in

The summer. Your last summer was

Too packed.

I am so contented to hear you

Will lay clasp of Korean class. I want to talk

With you additional with every one other accompanied by deeper.

I remember every

Moments we share ... feelings, smell

And your face etc.

Find simple one accompanied by border


If you don’t have time, inquire me.

It is supernatural occurrence ! I really contented how you

Changed mature.

I will esteem your decision

But they are who pray all the hour dated so

Please remember. Thank you We are all

Proud of you.

Did you clean your room? Take

A painting of cleaned space with every one other accompanied by dispatch me

Or I will go on one occasion additional to clean. Why don’t you

Get new sheet by on line? They looks too


Good, I hope you tin lessen medicine.

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