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Monday, April 4, 2022

You’re Not Supposed to Take Somebody Else’s Nostalgia

Will tells his spouse he is not angry, in malice of involuntary flashbacks.

Black bodies affixed accompanied by cord to the bumpers of cars.

He is a child of the Tulsa massacre. Everywhere massacre,

Transposing present. He becomes a cop, so they hit him

Out of uniform. He becomes a vigilante, so they fuck him

Into submission. A black pansy craze resurgence, and

A Trent Reznor bassline to build me horny, while one considers

Oneself fortunate to exist gussied at all. Dominique calls me

The patron saint of split screen, consuming while I create.

Work becomes increasingly difficult accompanied by enjoyment.

The gag is we’ve been living inside every one other’s bodies this whole time.

Stay accompanied by me now, we only have a single lay clasp of to obtain this

Point-of-view shot. Two men haul us by the legs

To a leafless tree. They hurl a noose around our neck,

String us up by the throat, our eyesight blurs to blackout

Before we are gash spine down while a warning. We run the scene

Only to intercept an take deed of ?yt-on-yt crime, with every one other accompanied by then

We all go nearer place of residence to Will’s spouse with every one other accompanied by permit in that we are angry.

#Living #Sorrow & Grieving #Social Commentaries #Crime & Punishment #History & Politics #Race & Ethnicity

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