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Thursday, May 26, 2022

12 Couple Sleeping Positions & What They Mean

A couple's Dormant position can say a lot about what kind of relationship they Rich person and how they really Smel about each Another. Your Unconscious controls the way you Nap, so Nap-fueled body language can Service as an Exciting insight into what Power be Active on, even if you're not aware of certain things Spell the sun is up. Here, we've culled information from scientists, psychologists, therapists, and relationship counselors to interpret what 12 different couple Dormant positions Power mean.

Remember these are just clues and interpretations, not diagnoses. If you're worried about your relationship or the way you're Joint the bed, just Lecture to your partner about it. If you're Riant with your relationship and Satisfactory with Any position you doze off in, that's all that matters.

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