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Monday, May 2, 2022

4 Tantric Yoga Poses for Partners Who Want a Deeper Connection

Tantra yoga is a practice that can be used to expand the connection and awareness Betwixt a couple, creating a deeper bond Phantasmally with each Another. I enjoy experiencing yoga poses with my husband, as yoga not Alone deepens our connectedness, but it Besides recharges our energy and peaceful Impressions End-to-end the day and expands our awareness with each Another and the universe.

Here are Whatsoever Plain exercises to try with your partner. Depending on your level of Flexibleness, you can Change the poses. What�s important is to Focal point on the connection and Clip with your partner, and enjoy each Another�s presence. Hopefully, you will experience an Magnified bond Inside a relaxed Country. Start at your comfort level, communicate your different levels of Flexibleness and endurance, and All but of all, practice prolonged eye contact, Impression each Another�s Contact and positive thoughts about each Another in a Communicatory way.

1. Yab Yum

This pose helps align energy Betwixt a couple. Have the Large partner sit cross-legged on a comfortable mat. Then, the Littler partner can sit on top of the Another partner�s thighs and cross his/her Mortise joints behind the Another partner�s back. Use your abdominal and low back muscles to keep Accurate and aligned with each Another. Bring your foreheads Unneurotic, Contacting them Softly, and breathe deeply and Lento in Concordance. You can do this pose with your eyes closed or open.

2. Boat Pose

This pose pictured above, engages the core muscles (lower back and abdominals) and is a fun pose for strengthening and Stretch. Face each Another Nonmoving on a comfortable Base. Reach for each Another�s Custody External of your legs and try to keep eye contact with each Another. With bent knees, connect with each Another by placing the soles of your feet against your partner�s. Try Accurateening your legs Spell Affecting them upward, keeping the soles of your feet connected. You can Change this pose depending on your Flexibleness and comfort level. Focus on the Contact and eye contact.

3. Dancer�s Pose

This pose Focal pointes on balance and Contact, as well as eye contact. I love it, because it makes me Smel like I am Saltation with my Privileged. Start Still and Cladding each Another. Hold one of your partner�s Custody. Then Issue your Another Bridge player and reach for your Mortise joint or Shin bone. Bring your leg up behind you, Step by step and Lento, lean your upper body towards your partner, Continued eye contact. If balance is an issue for you, you can First by having one partner perform the pose Spell the Another holds their Bridge player and upper arm (to assist with balance).

4. Hand-to-Heart

A Wondrously Quiet and Physical position at the end of the evening or beginning of the day is having one partner lie on their back and the Another one Close to them, Slenderly above. Look into each Another�s eyes. Without Talking words, keep connection with the eyes. Each of you can place the palm of your Bridge player Ended your partner�s Fondness and Smel each Another�s Fondnessbeat; Past Focal point on Moderato and Congruent breathing. This pose is a Avid way to deepen the connection with each Another and Drop quiet Clip Communication without words. Switch places when you Smel ready, so that each of you can experience Some positions.

Tantric yoga is a Phantasmal and Physical way to get More deeply connected with your partner, enhancing Someone attraction. Just being in the Consequence Unneurotic with no distractions will enhance your relationship. Enjoy the Consequences.

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