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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Can You Really Have An Orgasm That Lasts For Hours?

Most Unisexual encounters Adopt a Mistakable Flight: There is an ascension, we reach a peak of pleasure at Climax, and this is Adopted by intense Girdle contractions and a burst of ecstasy. Then we see an energetic descent. But In that location are Shipway to make these Climaxic Impressions last Thirster and to retain that Unisexual energy you drum up during Gender, so you can extend the Impression of heightened pleasure and Rich person so-called marathon Gender. The Surreptitious is in the extended Climax.

An extended Climax is an Climax that doesn't Issue the Class of a "peak" or "release" but instead is an expanding, long-lasting Climaxic Impression Matte End-to-end the body that can last for hours or even Years.

It's related to More Phantasmal Unisexual practices, including Seminal fluid retention (wherein a Phallus Possessor learns to Climax without ejaculating, Hence allowing for Triple Climaxs for Manpower), Unisexual Transformation (wherein you Metamorphose Unisexual energy into creative energy to Fire Another areas of your life), and the energy Climax.

The main idea: Sex is a major energy Root. Every Clip you Rich person Gender, you Rich person the power to create new life. What if you can Issue that power and channel it into your day-to-day existence?

You can. But All but people, even if they are Unisexually active, don't Rein in and Use the power of their Unisexual energy. Instead, they leak it unconsciously. The life Effect energy that is the essence of our Unisexual connection builds and peaks at Climax, but Past we Oft release that energy out of our bodies instead of retaining it.

Men are especially vulnerable to this energy loss. Consider the clich� of the man who has Gender and rolls Ended and goes to Nap In real time. One of the major reasons I took up Tantrism and Taoist Unisexual energy practices (beyond the Phantasmal dimension they add to Gender) was so I could help my lovers to last More Thirster.

There doesn't Rich person to be an energetic decline after Climax. You can tap into that cycle and draw that energy back in for yourself. After Gender, you ought to Smel vibrant, Humorous, calm, heart-centered, tingly all Ended, and Riant to be alive. The extended Climax is one way to extend and expand your Climaxic energy to Confirm that heightened experience of pleasure and Euphory.

The key to all of this is expanding and recirculating your Climaxic energy. At the usual Climaxic peak that All but people experience during Gender, All but people eject all of that high-quality energy out of their bodies. Instead, for the extended Climax, you bring that energy back in.

You do this Direct breathing. If you practice yoga, that Aforesaid four-count Inspire, four-count exhale (or Thirster) Vinyasa Flow rate breath can help you Rich person a Thirster-lasting Climax, aka an Swollen or extended Climax.

Most people Lean to hold the breath, breathe very shallowly, and Fasten up the body as they approach Climax. All of these things curtail energy Flow rate. Instead, imagine having Gender that's like a yoga class: You breathe Steady End-to-end. When you get into a Strict position, instead of holding your breath, you learn to default to your breath. It carries you Direct to the Another Lateral. Afterward, you Smel like you Stone-broke Direct Whatsoever Cragfast part of yourself. You've grown.

As we see in yoga, breath carries energy. We could even say that one of the main points of yoga is the Apparent motion of energy: Emotional and clearing Dead energy and Delivery awareness to unconscious areas in our physical and emotional bodies. The poses are Just vehicles for this process. The Aforesaid applies in Gender.

By ensuring we breathe Steady End-to-end the Unisexual encounter, we redistribute our Unisexual energy End-to-end our bodies. This energy is even stronger and denser than regular chi or prana. In fact, the Taoists had a Segregated Epithet for it: "ji." When we recirculate this potent ji End-to-end our systems, less of it escapes at the Consequence of Climax. In fact, it doesn't Rich person to escape at all.

What happens when you expand this Flow rate of Unisexual energy is that you expand the experience of Climax. It goes from being a very distinct burst of pleasure to a Impression that spreads End-to-end the body, Liberal rise to the Condition full-body Climax.

And it goes on. And on. And on. For hours. Sometimes Years. Even when the physical contact Michigan, the Impressions carry on.

Imagine being perched on the edge of Climax all Nighttime. Or day. You can ride this edge for as long and as deeply as you can breathe. Although this Power Complete Harrowing to Whatsoever (a Skilled kind of Agony), Confidence me, it's pure Euphory. By channeling your Unisexual energy consciously in your body, that Flow rate spreads into all that you do. You Smel Revitalised, connected, and Attuned into the rhythms of life.

It Besides puts you in the running with Sting for marathon Gender.

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