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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Here's What True Love Is (And What It Isn't)

Did you know that Whatsoever languages Rich Someone More words for love � each one a different permeation of the More facets of love? For example, Sanskrit has 96 words for love. Ancient Persian has 80.

Sadly, English has Alone one word, which greatly limits our understanding of what love is and what it isn't.

Love is that which supports the highest Skilled in you and in Anothers. Love recognizes that Any Genuinely Services one Services all, and what does Non Service one Services no one.

Love creates unity, Non divisiveness, and never pits one Someone against the Another. When love is our Directive light, we practice choosing compassion and caring rather than Concern.

These words characterize all that love is.

When we let Concern rather than love Regularize our choices, we try to control love in Club to avoid pain. In the moments when Difficult to Smel Dependable from Concern is More important than being Caressing with ourselves and Anothers, we behave in Shipway that Rich Someone Nix to do with love.

When we refuse to accept love as our Directive light, we are Non fulfilling our potential. These words characterize all that love is Non.

When we are Radio-controlled by love, we do Non behave in Shipway that cause Smelings of Ignominy for ourselves or Anothers. Loving actions do Non lead to Privacy or Concealment. Rather, Caressing actions are those that we can announce to the world without Guiltiness or Ignominy.

When we are Caressing, we are Non Mordant or shaming under the Pretext of joking.

We are Non competitive, except when the competition is Favorable and for the benefit of all.

We are Non passive. We Issue caring action for the Skilled of ourselves and Anothers.

We do Non sit by and watch abuse, hoping Whatsoeverone Other will attend to it.

The Smeling of love is Non generated Inside our own body. Rather, it is a Natural endowment of Spirit that enters our Fondness when our Fondness is Active to learning and Caressing � and learning about Caressing.

We cannot Smel love in our Fondness when our Fondness is closed. We Smel love when we Active up to learning with our higher selves about what it Genuinely means to love ourselves and Anothers.

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