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Friday, May 20, 2022

Recipe: Szechwan Shrimp

Dont let some of the ingredients fool you--this spicy shrimp makes a simple, impressive dish, which I usually make for company. For more or less heat, adjust amount of red pepper. Serve over hot steamed rice.

Szechwan Shrimp Ingredients

  • 4 tablespoons water

  • 2 tablespoons ketchup

  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce

  • 2 teaspoons cornstarch

  • 1 teaspoon honey

  • teaspoon crushed red pepper

  • teaspoon ground ginger

  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil

  • cup sliced green onions

  • 4 cloves garlic, minced

  • 12 ounces cooked shrimp, tails removed

How to Make Szechwan Shrimp

  1. In a bowl, stir together water, ketchup, soy sauce, cornstarch, honey, crushed red pepper, and ground ginger. Set aside.

  2. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Stir in green onions and garlic; cook 30 seconds. Stir in shrimp, and toss to coat with oil. Stir in sauce. Cook and stir until sauce is bubbly and thickened.

Szechwan Shrimp Nutritions

  • Calories: 141.6 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 6.7 g

  • Cholesterol: 163.8 mg

  • Fat: 4.4 g

  • Fiber: 0.4 g

  • Protein: 18.3 g

  • SaturatedFat: 0.8 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 499.5 mg

  • Sugar: 3.5 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Szechwan Shrimp Reviews

  • I would recomend using raw shrimp as they cook so quickly. pre cooked shrimp come out rubbery while the raw ones will be nice and tender. try tossing in some bay scallops too.

  • Good recipe, but really, ground ginger? Go all out and put some real ginger in, it makes the depth of flavor so much more interesting.

  • AMAZING This recipe is a perfect mixture of tangy not-to-sweet sauce and a little bite of spicy-ness. It really only took 20 minutes (what I thought was amazing). One suggestion though, if you are making this recipe use 6 tablespoons of water (not 4) and use more olive oil when cooking. Also, dont let the smell of the sauce confuse you at first, I thought it was disguisting too. But, when you cook it the sauce gets REALLY yummy This recipe was amazing and I deffintaly recomend this

  • I have a very similar recipe to this one. It calls for 1 lb shrimp, fresh ginger, garlic, Tbsp rice wine & I add one can chopped stewed tomatoes. It doesnt really need the honey because the stewed tomatoes give it sweetness. Served with rice this recipe with these additions makes it 5 stars & a wonderful meal for family or guests. You wont have any leftovers

  • Used 2#s of raw shrimp, tripled the sauce and added just a little more red pepper flakes as we like things SPICY. There wasnt any left, even my 4 year old cleaned his plate Goes perfect with either steamed or fried rice. Thanks for a super easy, way yummy recipe

  • I give this 4 and a half stars, but only because I didnt think up this recipe first It tastes very much like what you would get at the restaurant. I made it twice, both were very good. I added one bag of stir fry veggies, the frozen kind, just prepare in the microwave and drain well before adding to the finished shrimp mixture. Could use fresh veggies as well, but I like the frozen. I also tried crushing 2 of the cloves of garlic and adding them to the sauce and using the remaining 2 cloves as recipe says, it gives the sauce a more garlic flavor.Also be careful not to overcook the shrimp

  • Double the sauce and add a package of frozen broccoli that has been cooked and drained.

  • It bothers me to no end when people give recipes less stars than it deserves for dumb reasons like my kid doesnt like shrimp...then dont make a shrimp recipe. But anyway.....this recipe is so deserving of all 5 stars. It is healthy, flavorful and so easy. Wonderful is now a staple in my weekly menu.

  • This was very good. I did do this a little differently for fear of the shrimp getting too rubbery from being over cooked. Cooked the shrimp first then added the green onions and garlic to cook....then the sauce. Let it bubble away for about 10 minutes and added the shrimp back for a minute or so just to reheat. Also added fresh ginger instead of ground and just a little brown sugar to the sauce. Delicious, thanks for the post.

  • I did make a few changes, but this is really a great recipe. I used fresh shrimp and broccoli. Next time I make this, I will double the sauce. I served it over rice noodles. Rice will be good as well.

  • Great I would suggest adding a bit of some fresh sesame seeds. That little special flavor and crunch is wonderful.Thanks for sharing.

  • OMG This was SO good I am 100% pleasantly surprised. Another bonus? My hubbys favorite style of Chinese cooking is Szechwan I like shrimp, but most often when I marinate or add sauce to them, I am left with BLAND shrimp (i.e. the shrimp dont soak up any of the marinade / sauce). That certainly wasnt the case here This sauce is sooooo flavorful and it coats the shrimp nicely. As many others suggested, I too doubled the sauce, but in retrospect, dont think that was necessary. I had MORE than enough sauce to cover my 1 lb. bag of shrimp (not wanting to waste the remaining 1/4 lb., I used the entire bag). I do, however, think its imperative to double or even triple the sauce if you plan to add veggies (they will soak up a LOT of sauce). And, on that note.... Although unappealing at first (the sauce smells horrid when initially mixed), the sauce ends up being the star here. :) Oh, and uncooked shrimp are NOT necessary. It literally took just a couple minutes for my sauce to thicken, barely enough time to turn my shrimp to "rubber." Serving over brown rice with a side of steamed broccoli (to appease my broccoli hating hubby, I didnt add it to the entree) made this OUTSTANDING. Fortune cookies and iced green tea completed our meal. Thanks for sharing, FOODGU1 :-)

  • Really really good and I must say quite fast and easy to throw together. I did double the sauce but other than than that kept it the same. =)

  • This is a great start up recipe that you can very easily adjust to your liking. I followed instructions exactly at first, minus the hot pepper flakes since I have young kids. I also added colorful bell pepper chunks, tripled the honey, and at the very last minute, added pineapple my only recommendation is to add your cooked shrimp last, after the sauce has thickened.

  • Family liked this VERY much...doubling the sauce is a definate must...will make again but will probably back off the ketchup a tad and up the soy sauce a smidge...will also use fresh ginger...all in all, a good recipe to fine tune to your own liking...thank you, FOODGU1

  • OMG, best shrimps ever Solid reicpe, easy and quick, and out of the world tasty Here are some tips from a Chinese girl if you want even more authentic flavor:-Use 1.5-2 lbs raw shrimp(you can buy the peeled frozen shrimps with tail on) This alone will kick this dish up a couple notches since the raw ones get more shrimp flavor in.-Use fresh ginger-Triple the sauce, leave out the starch till the end (only use 1 TBS of corn starch, dilute in about 2 TBS water), I also added about 1 TBS of rice vinegar, the sauce was sooooooooooo yummy to eat with rice.Here is how I made it with the above changes. Heat up about 2-3 TBS of grapeseed oil(shrimps are very low cal, so dont feel bad for adding some oil here), cut up about at least 1 thumb size of fresh ginger(first cut into match sticks, then cut into tiny bits), cut up 1-2 small bunch of green onions(white and light green part only). Fry them up till fragrant, toss in the thawed and drained shrimps, fry for 1-2 minutes over high heat, then pour in the tripled sauce, boil for 1-2 minutes, add the starch solution, stir. Add salt. DoneBest ever shrimps hands down gotta try it.

  • My family loved this one. I added an extra teaspoon of ginger and less red pepper as my family doesnt like spicy food that much. I also added some vegetables: 8 oz of broccoli crowns 6 oz snow peas, sliced on the diagonal in half 6 oz of carrot "chips" (slices of carrots)

  • This was very, very good. Ive used both shrimp and chicken breasts in this recipe. I double the sauce, at the last minute I add fresh lo mein noodles & toss with everything.

  • This was a decent recipe. It was missing something. Kind of watery and bland. I doubled the recipe and followed it exactly. Next time I will do a 1/2 water 1/2 soy sauce mixture for the base, w/ red pepper powder & chili peppers. Maybe even tomatoe paste instead of ketchup for richness. Also much better with fresh shrimp as opposed to pre cooked.

  • This is a very easy dish to make at the last minute. I have made this a half dozen times and most of the time its a last minute decision. You DO NOT have to spend big bucks on the shrimp to make this dish. I always keep a bag of Sams Club cooked shrimp in the freezer for a quick meal and it works great for this recipe. The shrimp are run under cold water for 5-10 minutes to thaw, then peeled and ready for the pan. I recommend you quadruple the sauce The ingredients are cheap, the sauce is great and since my recommendation is to since this over penne pasta, (or rice) more sauce is needed. In my view, the recipe recommendation quantity of crushed red pepper results in a medium to mild on my hot taste scale. I have doubled the pepper which results in a hot rating and also have cut it in half for very mild when serving this to young children. Be sure to decide where you want this to be on the hot taste scale before you add the pepper. Its a great recipe but if you dont measure carefully, you can easily make this too hot for some palates.

  • Next time I will double the sauce, but there most definitely will be a next time So quick, easy, and delicious

  • This is awesome Were not Chinese food eaters, so I cant compare to the restaurant version, but this is awesome I doubled the sauce and left out the ginger (I knew that would make it too *Asian* for Mr. LTH). I also added more garlic than called for. I added a bag of fresh stir fry veggies to the pan when I added the shrimp (frozen pre-cooked, mostly thawed & de-tailed). I served over brown rice. This is so simple, so quick, and so yummy it will def become a regular at the LTH house...Im already looking forward to the leftovers for lunch tomorrow BTW-this made enough for dinner for both of us and 1 leftover portion for lunch tomorrow. TY for a great recipe

  • This recipe is awesome, especially considering how fast and easy it is I used uncooked jumbo shrimp- just tossed them in the hot oil and garlic, along with some sugar snap peas and water chestnuts. Stirred in the sauce as soon as the shrimp was pink and opaque. I will probably make this once a week.

  • Very good. Doubled the sauce, used fresh ginger, added a splash of rice wine vinegar and served with stir-fried broccoli over rice. Even the kiddos loved it. Thanks FOODGU1

  • Loved this Not only is it extremely tasty, its extremely easy - two key characteristics of a great recipe One tip: use raw shrimp and saut them lightly before adding the sauce. Theyre much better and not as rubbery as frozen cooked shrimp.

  • This is by far the best stir fry I have ever made and it is now my go-to recipe. I made some adjustments based on my pantry: I used raw shrimp, I shaved fresh ginger (I keep one in the freezer at all times), and I replaced the red chili flakes with a little squirt of siracha sauce because I dont like really spicy food and it gave me the right heat. My husband cleaned his plate and we discussed how awesome this would be as a beef marinade for the grill.

  • This was delicious - just the right amount of heat. I doubled the sauce and added a bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables with the shrimp.

  • It was ok. I have had way better at a restaurant, so I think that has ruined this recipe for me. Otherwise I;m sure its a dececnt one as far as price goes etc.

  • OH MY GOODNESS, this was fabulous Never thought I could make chinese food like PF Changs, but with this recipe it was possible The flavor was perfect. Added steamed brocolli & carrots. Didnt have precooked shrimp so I cooked the shrimp in the oil and garlic before adding the sauce and vegetables. Served over brown rice. Whenever I have chinese I have to make the "chinese condiment" of spicy mustard, chile paste, & soy sauce for a little extra kick. Tripled the recipe which was way too much. Doubling would be PLENTY. TRY THIS RECIPE

  • This recipe is fantastic NOT ketchupy at all. The sauce is very similar to the sauce served at my favorite Hibachi restaurant It makes your whole house smell awesome. My father and hubby went wild over this and cant wait until I make it again. Two thumbs up

  • The reason Im giving this only 3 stars is because the ingredient amounts need to be adjusted. The ketchup was really overpowering and dominated the flavor of the dish; 2 teaspoons of honey was a tad too sweet; it wasnt nearly spicy enough to be called szechwan and surprisingly, seemed to need even more red pepper than half a teaspoon AND the amount of cornstarch was WAY off. Id say to cut it back by half if you dont want your sauce to turn to paste. I think the idea of this recipe has potential, but far too much "tweaking" would be required to get there from here. Youd have to just about re-write the entire recipe to make it come out good.

  • Like the picture, I added broccoli florets at the same time the shrimp went in. Also, I only had terriyaki marinade (no soy sauce) so I used that - it was wonderful I added a little lemon juice before service to give it a citrus flavor and WOW I could become addicted....

  • This was delicious My husband and I absolutely loved it I used Thai sweet chili sauce in place of the ketchup and doubled the sauce recipe, then I served it over rice. I will definitely be making this again

  • This is good, but you should use uncooked shrimp(whether fresh or frozen). Shrimp that is precooked and then cooked again is overcooked Not very good. And I keep fresh ginger in the freezer and then grate what I need-easy and tastes fresh.

  • I have made this recipe twice and both times the shrimp was awesome and everyone raved about it. The second time I added a little Chili Garlic Sauce found in the Chinese section for some more heat, but this recipe is a total WOW And so easy too

  • Wonderful The only changes I made were minor. I double the sauce, peel and de-veined my own raw pink shrimp (cooked them up until they had a nice colors then threw in the sauce), and lastly I added some pea pods in. None of ingredients (besides a little fresh ginger as well as powdered) were changed and it was the perfect amount of spice Served over brown rice to keep the calories low

  • My husband and I love this recipe We tend to add some extra red pepper and serve over brown rice; weve made it with chicken (or a chicken/shrimp combo) too....its excellent

  • This had a great flavor even without the green onion and ginger I accidently added too much pepper so it was HOT YUMMMMM

  • I just cant believe how good this tastes for how easy it is I did as some other reviewers suggested and tripled the sauce portion, since I wanted to add in some veggies (one bag frozen snap peas, one bag frozen stir-fry pepper mix). It was PERFECT. Just the right amount of sauce Since I had fresh shrimp, I cooked them first and set them to the side before completing the recipe as written. Amazing Ill definitely be making this fairly often

  • Great recipe Easy Fast I dont rate a lot of recipes as 5 star but this definitely is. I dont understand giving a lower rating because someone didnt think of it themselves. The ginger comments are a personal preference. I personally dont like fresh so the ground dry works better for me. I do agree with doubling the sauce. Frozen shrimp work well....just make sure you dont put them in for very long and overcook them. This is a real keeper. THANKS

  • I just made this and it was awesome I made made 3 changes. I added fresh asparagus. I doubled the sauce and instead of water, I used chicken broth Thanks to the poster of this recipe I now have a new family favorite

  • I made the sauce exactly as called for in the recipe and all I tasted was a ketchup soy sauce flavor. Normally I find review averages on this site very helpful, but I dont see it in this recipe. This ended up in the sink before it had a chance to contaminate my shrimp.

  • This was great Tasted very authentic. We added some stir fry veggies and that was a nice addition. I also doubled the liquid ingredients as we like plenty of sauce.

  • Great I made a few changes though. I doubled the sauce like everyone else suggested, only I put it a little less ketchup and a little more soy sauce. I also used Low Sodium soy sauce instead of the regular stuff. I also added about 1/4 teaspoon of Honey to kick up the sweetness. It ended up being a perfect balance between sweet and spicy. I tossed in some Broc/Corn/Red Pep veggie mix for color and texture, and I served it over some instant Asian Rice. The wife really liked it as well, so we will definitely make this again. Remember to ease up on the ketchup a little bit if you are worried about the ketchup taste coming out too much.

  • Delicious I doubled the "sauce" amount because I wanted extra for the rice. I wasnt sure the sauce would taste as good as it did, but it all came together well in the pan. I steamed some vegetables, and it was a great meal

  • I followed this recipe almost exactly...with a few little changes. I used fresh grated ginger instead of ground, and I also added some fresh sliced carrots and broccoli to the mix. A little tip: saute the veg in a little olive oil to soften them up before you throw them with the shrimp or else the shrimp will get all rubbery. Because I added veg, I doubled the sauce recipe which I found was sufficient. i dont like things too saucy. Also, I found this a little spicy for my taste so if youre like might want to ease back a bit on the chili/ginger. I will DEFINITELY make this again. :)

  • Yummylious Actually taste good =)

  • Delish recipe - thanks for sharing Hubby loved it also but said it was kind of hot. (well that was MY doing as I love it hot and doubled the crushed red pepper) Yumy, thanks again Have more shrimp in the freezer - will be cooking again soon*Loving it Cooking it Again* 5 Stars

  • Very very easy. Good flavor. We served it over white rice and upped the red pepper flakes for bit more kick. Definetly a DoAgain and Again

  • I did not care for this at all, but the bf liked it, so it gets two stars. I was wary of the ketchup and my fears were confirmed ... it tasted like a sauce made with ketchup and was not good.

  • I did not care for this at all, but the bf liked it, so it gets two stars. I was wary of the ketchup and my fears were confirmed ... it tasted like a sauce made with ketchup and was not good.

  • This tasted great and my husband raved. Next time, Ill definitely add more veggies than this recipe calls for however. I added mushrooms & snow peas but it still needed more. This is a wonderful dish though

  • This is a lovely dish. So quick and so easy. I didnt change anything except doubling the sauce. The beauty of this recipe is that its so quick and easy and uses simple ingredients you can have on hand any time. Fresh shrimp? Yes, perhaps it would make it better, but, it would also add, not only to cooking time, but to availability of ingredients. Frozen is already in your freezer, fresh needs a trip to the store AND needs to be peeled and deveined. Some people prefer fresh ginger, some, me included, prefer the powdered. As for the hot pepper flakes.... the amount you use depends completely on the pepper flakes you have. Ive had some that had almost no heat, then again some that burned the enamel off my teeth. KNOW YOUR PEPPER And taste the sauce before you add it. Add more if you need it. The basic recipe is what I gave 5 stars for. I can add anything I want to that, and it wont change my rating. Thank you for a great recipe. Im going to try it with some cooked, frozen turkey meat I have in the freezer. I have no doubt it will be fabulous.

  • This was exceptional. The recipe as is, is perfect. But since Im a saucy person, I tripled the ingredients for this sauce. I also did this due to the fact that I had added broccoli, zucchini, onion, and celery. One reviewer suggested cutting back on the red chili flakes if anyone eating this doesnt like hot. I agree. Im guessing the average person wouldnt mind if you cut back a teeny bit. It was just fine for my taste. Surprisingly, Id have to agree with those who said it was quick to prepare. For me thats usually not the case, but this really was

  • I am surprised that is rated so highly, I really wasnt impressed, it just tasted too much like the ketchup.

  • Didnt realize that this said cooked shrimp, ended up using raw. Id highly suggest it that way. Ohh, man This was absolutely delicious. I cant rave enough. For such a simple recipe, I was shocked. Definitely throwing this into my weekly rotation (or at LEAST once a month) as I have most everything in my pantry. I used ground ginger instead of the reviewers suggestion to use fresh and it was fabulous. I would highly recommend doubling the sauce per Tonys review, as is is not near enough. Awesome recipe. Husband approved.

  • Excellent. I doubled the sauce but not the ketchup. I only used 1/4tsp red pepper flakes & didnt double that. It had just enough kick to it w/o going overboard.If youre looking to make it healthy, just omit the rice. It was delicious with out - just make some fresh veggies on the side.

  • Yummy. I bet this sauce would work equally well with chicken or pork.

  • This was good - and the only reason I gave it four stars was because I tripled the sauce recipe and it was so spicy I was sweating - but I loved it. My husband loved it and said Now this is GOOD" So - if you triple the sauce...maybe dont triple the crushed red pepper. I will definitely make this again. And since we love spice...probably exactly like this. We both drank 3 pints of water each during this meal. :)**Second Review - I made this again and it was so good. I tripled the sauce recipe and there was a ton of thick bubbly sauce. I served it over rice and I wish I had made more rice to help sop up the sauce. Nice and spicy - not as bad as last time though because I only doubled the crushed red pepper. :)

  • Sorry but this recipe did not do it for me. I live in the Northeast and we have awesome chinese food. This was like no Szechwan Shrimp I have ever tasted. Hate to leave a negative review but try this one at your own risk. Sorry:-(

  • Not a fan. I thought it was really pretty tasteless, aside from the red pepper flakes. Luckily I added enough of those to convince my tastebuds that i wasnt eating cotton. For all the different ingredients in the sauce, I would have thought there would be a strong flavor to it, but I tasted nothing. Will not make it again.

  • My wife and I love this recipe. Its a long time favorite. Also add broccoli mushrooms and double the red pepper flakes.

  • Solid 4 1/2 stars for a quick and tasty shrimp dinner. I usually double the sauce to have extra to serve on the rice.

  • This recipe wont change my life, but was good. Didnt have honey so used brown sugar and my green onions had gone bad (thank you walmart) after 2 days so I did without. I quadrupled everything but only tripled the ketchup and ginger. Still a little bit ketchup-y, but not bad for how cheap and easy this is. I only doubled the crushed red pepper because we dont like too much heat. I made this recipe for two. Added peppers and zucchini over white rice and there was quite a bit of sauce left over (with a lot of liquid on the plate). I will make this again, with maybe a few tweaks.

  • Tripled everything so as to add a bag of frozen mixed stir-fry veggies to a lb or so of medium frozen pre-cooked shrimp. Used: chili sauce instead of ketchup since I had it; about 2 tsp grated frozen ginger; sesame seed oil; and a whole head of garlic (12 cloves.) Wouldve done the fresh chopped broccoli and slivered carrots instead of frozen vegs, but am making broccoli-cheese soup later this week. Made this a day ahead and just put it all in a glass jar, (oil, uncooked garlic and onions too) shook it well and fridged it. To finish, heated sauce with veggies till thickened, then added thawed shrimp just till heated through. Served over jasmati rice cooked in chicken broth instead of water. 5 stars = good enough to pass on to the daughter :)

  • Very tasty recipe. I recommend using fresh shrimp to soak up the flavor more.

  • This was very good. I took the advice of a few others, and I tripled the liquid/sauce mix. Im glad I did, because it was necessary (this was the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5). I also added a small amount of broccoli florets, baby carrots, and tofu just to give it a little more variety and color. The amount of red pepper flakes that the recipe called for is the perfect amount. I wouldnt change that a bit. It had just enough kick to be spicy, but not too much to be overwhelming. I will definitely make this again. :)

  • This is really good Definitely double the sauce if youre using over rice. Adding some small cut fresh broccoli is a nice addition.

  • Easy and smells fantastic while cooking Substituted 1 tsp. minced fresh ginger for ground and threw that ginger in with the garlic and onions. My daughter wants to try this sauce with chicken now...

  • I thought this was very good for as simple a recipe that it was.

  • Excellent recipe FOODGU1 Dont be scared away by the ketchup... this sauce is fantastic And so quick -- it was ready before the broccoli side finished steaming in the microwave Next time Ill double the sauce.

  • This reminded me of something that McDonalds would come up with and call it "stir fry". I followed the recipe to a T, and when I tried it, I couldnt get the ketchup-y taste out of my mouth. Needless to say, Ill definitely not make this ever again.

  • This was excellent and easy and quick. I tripled the sauce and it was perfect

  • Excellent The only thing I did different was to double the sauce. Everyone loved it and it was very easy to make

  • I chose this recipe to use up some shrimp I had on hand. I was inspired by the reviews, and thought Id give the recipe a shot. I guadrupled the sauce, as suggested in earlier reviews, doubled the garlic and ginger. I also added some vegetables. My shrimp was raw, and I cooked it 2-3 minutes before adding the sauce. I think the sauce has too much ketchup. Something about the sauce was a little off. Another reviewer mentioned that it tasted like a frozen Green Giant ready-meal. I think so too. To me, this tasted like something that came out of a bag. I ate it, but Im not looking forward to having to eat the leftovers. Sorry

  • This was great, easy, and quick. I tripled the sauce for a pound of shrimp, but probably could have just doubled it. Also, next time I would add the shrimp last because I used precooked shrimp and it was a little overcooked by the time the sauce got thick. Served over minute rice for a quick healthy and delicious meal.

  • Quadrupled the sauce.. added mushrooms and (cooked) broccoli and it was great

  • This really is better than restaurant quality My only advice, it needs a vegetable. I added snow peas and next time maybe Ill try brocoli, but it does need something other than onions and shrimp. Great recipe

  • Wow, easy and very flavorful I used raw shrimp though, I dont see any reason not to, as they cook so quickly anyway.

  • I followed recipe exactly. These were just OK. They were very spicy (And I like spicy things) and not that tasty. I will not be making again.

  • This was pretty good. It was simple and easy but it seemed like it was missing a little something. It was still good and worth making again though. Thanks for the recipe

  • This was a great starter recipe. I doubled the sacue. I added diagonal sliced carrots and more green onion than stated. For the sauce I added Red Chili Pepper blend I had in the fridge. ( I comes in tubes in the produce area) It added a nice flavor to the dish. I also added more Red pepper flakes than called for as we like it hot. This was good and we will make it again. I added a little more honey becaue the sweet hot thing really works.

  • Made this last night. Same recipe and added a little thin sliced red bell peppers.. to it as well,.. I thought it was very good, easy preperation, and full of flavor. My family was impressed as well Will make it again and serve over white rice.

  • Eureka I found the "whats missing" for my family. The sauce is a lot like sweet and sour, but no sour. I doubled the sauce as recommended (triple it even, it wont be too much) and added 2 tbsp. of lemon juice just before serving. Mmmm. Really helped

  • So easy to make, and my husband and I loved it I doubled the sauce recipe (but left ginger amount the same) which is a must, and also added about 1/8 cup of chili garlic sauce to the sauce. It had a great kick. Used uncooked shrimp, and cooked it in the sauce. Delicious, thanks

  • This was awesome. I am glad I trusted the reviews. I used raw jumbo shrimp and left out the red pepper flakes, we dont like too much spice. After a two minutes in the pan I added fresh brocoli. This cooked beautifully.

  • Pretty good dish. Very flavorful and one can adjust flavors depending on taste.

  • I liked this very much. It didnt look or taste very promising just going by the made up sauce ingredients. The garlic and onion really rounded out the flavour. Be sure to double the sauce. I did not completely double the red pepper flakes-used a scant 3/4 tsp-. The spice level was tastable but not burning. My 12yr. old son had chosen to have spagetti instead of this for his dinner but I found him over the fry pan with a fork, eating the shrimp with a grin on his face. This was extreemly fast to put together. I served over rice, squeezed with a little lime juice and sprinkled very lightly with salt. Thank so much.

  • Didnt like it at all. Too much ketchup up taste. Not much zing. It needs something.

  • I enjoyed this recipes a lot. It was simple, and I had all the ingredients in my house, I didnt have to go make a special shopping trip, and the taste was excellent Even my picky husband enjoyed it and said it was a recipe we could keep. I doubled the recipe like everyone said because I added extra veggies, broccoli, red pepper, green pepper and mushrooms. The only change I made to the sauce was instead of using water, I used reduced sodium chicken broth for a bit of an added flavour. Very yummy Would love to try this with chinese noodles. Definatly a keeper. Thanks for sharing

  • This is gross. I took the advice of others and doubled the sauce- big mistake. The sauce is grossed and drowned all the other flavors. I added broccoli and bamboo shoots and ultimately tossed this stuff in the trash.

  • I ended up making a very large serving of this dish so the taste may have been altered slightly. Yet I found the dish to be really tasty. There was quite a kick of spice that lingered after the initial bite. I added more garlic to the dish and I think it added a really good flavor. I also added onion, green pepper and mushrooms and lobster pieces. Very good. I would definately do again but make for a smaller group.

  • After making it, Im surprised that the recipe was rated so high. I doubled the sauce ingredients and was looking forward to a great Szechwan flavor that was not to be found. Also dont understand those that talk about the heat, for me there was no heat

  • Extremely tasty Even my picky fiance ate it I will make this again for sure

  • Loved the sweet, yet spicy taste Everything goes great together Thanks so much.

  • I made this for my husbands bithday dinner. He was concerned that I would be in the kitchen and not able to spend time with the family. So we both wanted something quick and easy. This was both I doubled the recipe. My husband and children love shrimp and they all really enjoyed this sauce. I avoided the shrimp and ate just sauce over rice - very good I think I will try it with chicken sometime. You could not tell this had ketchup in it I did not put in much red pepper, fearing it would be too hot for the children- still delicious. THANKS

  • If I could have had thirds, I would have definitely done so, instead I had to settle for seconds. I agree fresh shrimp would have been better, but this was a quick and easy meal. I increased the sauce and added green peppers, onions and peas. My very picky eater actually polished off the dish - the reason I didnt have thirds. It was a pleasant surprise and a dish I will make again.

  • This was good - I used raw shrimp and sauteed it as suggested by another reviewer, and then aded the sauce - which I tripled. My husband really liked it - but I thought the ketchup taste was a bit too apparent - could have been the tripling:>). Will definitely make again - with less ketchup. Easy and low calorie too.

  • This was really really good last minute and I needed something to do with shrimp and this was super easy I cooked some ramen noodles on the side and and put the shrimp and sauce on top . I also used about 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper in place of the red pepper and sweet onion. really delicious

Source: Szechwan Shrimp

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