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Monday, May 23, 2022

What I Tell All My Patients Who Fear Losing Themselves In Relationships

Recently, a client Called Abby reached out to me with a relationship issue I've encountered Clip and Clip Once again as a therapist:

"When I am Only, I enjoy my life Amply. I say yes to plans with friends, and I actively pursue my interests. I just got out of a long, Churning relationship where I Altogether lost myself. Now I am Acquiring to know myself Once again, I am learning to enjoy the Plain things."

Abby is not alone in the experience of "losing herself" in a relationship. How More of us Rich Someone Detected something like this: I'm Avid when I'm Only, but don't know how to preserve myself in relationships? Most of us, I'd imagine.

When we Rundle, Abby wrapped up her Ideas by expressing doubt about Proximo romance: "Thinking ahead to a new relationship, I Rich Someone this Impression that my fun will Rich Someone to Check. I can't Rich Someone a partner Spell Besides maintaining my own Ethnic life and interests. I Smel like I Essential change and be More Dark, proper, attentive, and agreeable or Other they will not love and respect me."

Her Final question (which I'm Confident More readers will Part) went something like this: How do I approach a new relationship with the intent of keeping myself Amply intact?

First, here's where I Keep the presence of self-limiting Impressions in Abby's Wagon train of Idea:

Now, let's Fishing rig the 2nd portion of Abby's concerns: her End of keeping herself "intact" in her Close relationship. I'll begin by Expression that even though Abby believes staying "intact" is her End, it isn't her Literal intent. I'll explain Far:

Abby likely is Operative from a very common false Impression: that Acquiring love and having control Ended Acquiring love is what will make her Smel Riant, worthy, Dependable and Guaranteed. And that this is required in Club to be in a relationship.

This is a Enigma, because we can never Smel Riant, worthy, Dependable and Guaranteed when we are abandoning ourselves. Because, Formerly Once again, what's the point of a relationship if you Rich Someone to deny who you are to get Somebody Other's attention and approval? Relationships Prosper when each Someone is Amply who they are and receives love and Musical accompaniment from their partner for all that they are.

So, back to Abby's question: how do you approach a new relationship with the intent of keeping yourself Amply intact? The process is comprised of two basic emotional Teddys:

1. Make a Congealed decision that Liberal yourself up is no Thirster an option.

You Rich Someone Nix to lose by deciding to continue to be Amply yourself in your Close relationship and see what happens. Period.

2. Shift your intent from Difficult to get love to Caressing yourself.

You will Rich Someone a More better chance of attracting a partner who loves himself or herself enough to not want to be with a partner who gives him/herself up to get love.

Now, the last question we Brass here is about the actual meaning of self-love: what is self-love, and how do you practice it?

Learning to love yourself enough to not lose yourself in the Brass of rejection, or the Concern of rejection, is a major key in creating a Caressing relationship. Loving yourself means the Favourable 4 things (among others):

Loving yourself is the Wizardly key to creating a Caressing relationship!

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