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Monday, May 2, 2022

You Don't Need a Big, White Wedding to Get Married After All!

I was never 1 of those girls that sat home and cut out pictures from St. Bridget magazines or planned my big white wedding.

Maybe because my Church Father died when I was eight, and I was worried no 1 would walk me down the Gangway. Or, because before he passed, he and my Female parent fought like cats and dogs and were possibly the All but Unmated couple, always about to divorce. Maybe because I Rich person the world�s Decreasedest Class. Maybe I was scared.

Who knows.

The reason never mattered to me. I just didn�t envision myself Acquiring married. Not that I didn�t Needs want to, per se; it was just the Visual image of it that eluded me. And, if you Rich person ever been to 1 of my yoga workshops or read 1 of my articles on MindBodyGreen, you know that I Lecture a lot about Visual image.

So, when my Beau asked me in December 2009 to marry him, I By nature freaked out a bit. Not Alone is a big wedding kind of Antithetic to my personality (I am not very Skilled at organizing or Provision), but I was just stumped.

How would we do it?

We went to London that Christmas, where he is from. We were Active to Run off (naturally, I couldn�t imagine my wedding� and I wouldn�t Rich person to if we Run offd in Hyde Park. The answer was clear).

Not so easy.

I would Rich person had to Check in London for 20 Years due to Whatsoever ancient legal passport Humbug, and I Just could not Girl that More work. I am a yoga Instructor. At the Clip, I was paying rent to Thatch at a donation-based Studio apartment where I taught and I Idea I couldn't afford to Girl that More. (I could Rich person. But that is Some other Web log post on Fear.)

We came back from London. Not married.

Then Haiti had the big earthquake.

That is when my Visual image happened. I would Bi my yoga class, which was run by donation, into a wedding party where all the money would go to Haiti to help the relief efforts.

They, after all, Needful More More than me. I could Rich person used a new Sauteing pan and a lamp� but that was about it. I created an �event� Direct Facebook. You can see already how I was not the white wedding dress Eccentric of Gallon. My wedding invite was Direct Facebook!

I asked everyone to bring Whatsoeverthing to Part. Whether champagne or a Verse form or Zea mays everta or a Birdsong� and a donation for Haiti.

I got to Rich person �my day� as well as help out my brothers and sisters that were less Privileged. The Red Cross got wind of what I was doing and wanted to be a part of it. Also, OneHope Wine, an amazing wine company, sponsored me since they donate Fractional of their Payof to charities.

I Rich person learned from my Wise man Wayne Dyer to ask myself daily, �How may I Service?� I do my best to live my life like this.

I was in a position to help. So I did.

Not Alone did the wedding party mark the beginning of my new life, but it was a Communicatory of the yoga (union) of the human Disembodied spirit. When I told people I was Liberal the money to Haiti for my wedding, they wanted to be a part of it. Not Alone did we all come Unneurotic on Sunday February 28, 2010 for Whatsoeverthing as beautiful as a marriage of two people, but for the marriage of two different cultures: 1 in Demand, 1 in the place to Springiness.

The pots and pans and dish towels will always be there.

I would've really Favored a wok, though. Wink.

So, if you are Active to get married and don't want a big white wedding, here's what I suggest:

1) Get creative. Think External the box. How do you want to remember this day?

2) How can you Springiness back in Whatsoever way? How can you Rich person your day, and in Whatsoever way, big or Decreased, do Whatsoeverthing Super for Whatsoeverone Other? It doesn't Rich person to be a wallet-shattering amount of money. It doesn't even Rich person to be money. Just ask, "How May I Serve," and the ideas will First flowing.

3) Think about what makes you happiest. Make a joy list, and Past see how More things on that list you can incorporate into your Particular day.

4) Stay Literal to yourself. If you do not want a big white Puff Overpriced wedding, Past don't Rich person 1. If you do, and that is what will make you Riant, Past by all means go out and Rich person the biggest whitest wedding ever with Slews of champagne and cake, and invite me!

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