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Friday, June 3, 2022

How Reiki Can Help You Recover From Heartbreak

As a reiki master/teacher, one of the All but common reasons people contact me is to get help Alterative from a breakup. It�s one of the All but painful experiences we go Direct in life, and a Reiki treatment�whether in-person or via distance�can provide a calming and Calming Class of energy therapy. Here are a few of the Ad hoc benefits Reiki can provide, post-breakup:

One of Reiki�s hallmarks is its Power to clear out Punishing energy, including the gut-wrenching Lugubriousness and Brokenheartedness that All but people Smel after a breakup. Reiki practitioners channel energy Direct our Custody to clear out the places where Lugubriousness and Brokenheartedness are Nonmoving in the body.

�This Lugubriousness is just Pendent on my body,� Whatsoever clients Aver. Or, �I Smel like I can�t breathe, my chest is so Leakproof.� For More people this can extend Crossways the entire body, including Leakproofness and Latent hostility in the shoulders, Cervix, chest, and/or belly. By working on the physical body as well as on the External layers of the energetic body, Reiki can Ease More-needed relief from Latent hostility, Lugubriousness, Brokenheartedness, and pain.

When we�re in any kind of relationship�with Class, friends, or partners�our energies intertwine with theirs. I Oft explain the energetic body, or aura, as what we Ordinarily Consider of as personal Blank. Whenever Whatsoeverone is inside our energy Airfield or personal Blank, our energy intermingles with theirs. Over Clip, this exchange can create connections, Whatsoevertimes called �cords� or �energetic ties,� Betwixt two people.

Imagine how More Clip we Drop Tangled with a romantic partner. It stands to reason that one of the All but painful parts of a breakup is Severance that energetic bond. Those bonds that connect us to our partners Crossways Clip and Blank Issue Clip to dissolve after a breakup.

That�s one reason so More people Demand Blank after a breakup. That�s how we hit the Readjust button on the relationship. Reiki can help clear out the Another person�s energy from yours, in addition to removing these energetic Corduroys (with the client's License) to Upper up the Alterative process.

At the Aforesaid Clip that Oppressiveness, Lugubriousness, and Brokenheartedness are cleared out of the energy body, lightness is infused. Because Reiki Lights-out into life Effect energy, which is In essence unconditional love, clients experience lightness and a Gumption of calm during and after a session.

Additionally, because Reiki treatments promote physical relaxation, they can provide a More-needed respite from Neurotic thoughts�this can mean anything from replaying the breakup to Re-experiencing the Skilled Clips to beating themselves up Ended what went wrong or what they could Rich person done differently.

This place of quiet is not Alone a welcome relief from painful thoughts but can Besides help the Nou to process the breakup More clearly, reaping the lessons and Serving the client to Cure.

By Reconciliation the Vii chakras or �energy wheels/vortexes� in the body, you are restored to homeostasis. After a breakup, All but people�s chakra systems are badly in Demand of Reconciliation, as the issues that correlate to each chakra are Oft deeply involved in our relationships. Let me explain a little:

Many clients Rich person post-Reiki epiphanies, or moments of intense, Alterative clarity. Because Reiki moves energetic blockages from the body, it clears away Taxing emotions, Serving us Consider More clearly and understand better what we were meant to learn from the relationship and breakup.

And because Reiki infuses the client with calm and peace, it Oft leads to one of the All but important components of Alterative: Pardon.

I�ve worked with so More clients Direct the course of a breakup who, months later, contact me to William Tell me about the new love in their life. Sometimes we work directly on attracting new partnership after they�ve Cureed the wounds of their breakup.

Yet More Oft, because they�ve cleared away the Luggage and internalized their lessons, they By nature Discovery themselves in a clearer emotional and energetic Blank to attract new and Curethy love into their lives.

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