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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Recipe: Richard's Chicken Breasts

These are the plumpest, juiciest chicken breasts ever You can change the recipe by changing the sauces (for example, add fruit jams or jellies, or hot peppers; everything I like goes well with this recipe)

Richard's Chicken Breasts Ingredients

  • 8 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves

  • cup all-purpose flour

  • 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning

  • 1 tablespoon butter

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

  • cup Marsala wine

  • 1 cup chopped portobello mushrooms

  • 1 cup chopped onion

  • 1 teaspoon dried rosemary

  • 4 slices mozzarella cheese

How to Make Richard's Chicken Breasts

  1. Season flour with poultry seasoning. Dredge the chicken breasts in the seasoned flour. Melt the butter with the oil in a medium skillet over medium-high heat. Working in batches, fry the chicken in the hot butter mixture for about 5 minutes each side, depending on the thickness. Remove the chicken and set aside (keep warm.)

  2. Deglaze pan with Marsala wine (deglazing is swirling or stirring a liquid in a pan to dissolve cooked food particles remaining on the bottom). Add the chopped mushrooms, chopped onions and rosemary. Saute for 5 minutes over high heat.

  3. Return the chicken breasts to the skillet, baste with drippings, put cheese on the breasts and cook for another 2 1/2 minutes with the lid on tightly. Dont touch the lid Remove from heat and let stand for 10 minutes, until the breasts cook through. Check the seasoning and adjust. You will have the plumpest, juiciest chicken breasts you can imagine

Richard's Chicken Breasts Nutritions

  • Calories: 491.6 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 20.1 g

  • Cholesterol: 162.4 mg

  • Fat: 13.9 g

  • Fiber: 1.6 g

  • Protein: 64 g

  • SaturatedFat: 6 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 352.2 mg

  • Sugar: 3.7 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Richard's Chicken Breasts Reviews

  • This is really delicious and his cooking process does make very tender meat. The only thing different I did was add the mushrooms and onions and rosemary BEFORE you deglaze the pan. By doing this, you are able to get a nice carmelization. (I also only cut the mushrooms in half cuz I used regular mushrooms and prefer larger pieces). Also, as Richard states, it definitely needed salt. Next time, I will add the salt with the rosemary.

  • Plumpest chicken I ever cooked. Was not over whelmed with the taste of the chicken....will add more spice next time. I partially cooked a bag of baby spinach and added to the mushrooms and onions a minute before they were done. The spinach was awesome and still retained the green taste. All in all a great chicken recipe.

  • Richard, Richard, Richard, what a fine job youve done with these chicken breasts I only eyeballed ingredients (thats the fun of cooking), using fresh rosemary and adding fresh, minced garlic. I opted out of the mozzarella cheese which suited our tastes better. The sauce is velvety and smooth and the chicken so tender you can cut it with your fork. Love the subtle addition of the poulty seasoning in the flour and the chopped onion/mushroom (and garlic) mixture and marsala all contribute great flavor. Quick and easy preparation, beautiful presentation and just plain delicious

  • This is one of those recipes you look forward to making again and again I used lots of mushrooms b/c I love them, and it was great I recommend this recipe if youre having the boss and his wife (or her husband) over -- its just that GOOD

  • I have made this many times and I give this 5 stars with my adjustments. My husband and I like lots of sauce. I use 3 cups of chopped portabella mushrooms, 2 1/2 cups chopped onion and about 1 1/4 cups marsala wine. I also used 2 very large boneless breasts which I pounded thinner and cut into 6 pieces. I served it with rice and a green salad. It is delicious.

  • A stand-out recipe I have to admit to changing the procedure just a bit, in that I cooked the onions immediately after frying the chicken breasts (removed them from the pan first) then deglazed with Marsala after everything had been fried off. Since my husband is always looking for sauce, after the deglaze and reducing the wine by half, I added 1 cup of chicken broth into which I had whisked 2 Tb flour, in order to give a light liaison to the sauce. Brought everything to a simmer for about 5 minutes in order to cook off the flour, then added the breasts back, topped with the cheese and proceeded as indicated in the recipe. The chicken was tender and succulent. Awesome, simple recipe. Thank you for posting it Edited to add: Have made this several times, using different wines and cheeses. Ive used dry sherry, Madeira, dark rum. All were fabulous. Have subbed Brie or Jarlsberg for the mozzarella. Delicious Adding 1/2 Tb tomato paste lends a lovely blush. This recipe is easy to tailor to what you have on hand or what you like.

  • I made this for dinner tonight. It was incredibly good. I made one small change in the order things were cooked. I sauted the onions and mushrooms (in butter/olive oil/salt) first. Then I deglazed the pan and added the chicken and rosemary. It was wonderful. I added a little salt to the flour mix as suggested and was not disappointed with the taste. I only wish I had made more I bet this would make a wonderful "leftover lunch"

  • I used thick chicken breast, will fillet and flatten next time. I used garlic and would also try shallot next time and increased the amount of seasoning in the breading. Even my chicken-hating husband liked it. Will use this recipe again.:)

  • The taste was great, but it came out a little tough. Id use the Easier Chicken Marsala recipe from this site instead, with the addition of the cheese at the end. I got much juicier chicken with that recipe.

  • This was good but something was missing. It looked great. There wasnt a lot of drippings to use for a sauce and there really wasnt a whole lot of flavor. I think I may try again and tinker a bit with this one. Thanks for the post.

  • I have made this several times and just LOVE it

  • Excellent , i used large portobello mushrooms, doubled the wine and added partially cooked spinach , it will definitely be on our regular dinner rotation. thanks.

  • This was really good, however Ill need to change up some things next time. There was no sauce to speak of. The wine all cooked off while the mushrooms and onions were in the pan. So next time I will add more wine and possibly some chicken broth. I may take others advice and cook the mushrooms and onions first and then deglaze the pan. The chicken was cooked perfectly though

  • Taste good.

  • This was easy, quick & delicious; the 3 components that I need I added more seasoning to the poounded chix breasts: red pepper flakes, fresh ground pepper and Emerils. I think that you could try the chix breasts without the cheese, and Id be willing to try them w/cheese but no flour. Id suggest serving them over linguini tossed with olive oil and fresh garlic. I added extra chix broth for more sauce. The chix breast was juicy, so follow the timing suggested. I tried this for the first time for company, and I loved it so much that Im making it again for a friend sick in bed. This one is a keeper.

  • This was DELICIOUS. I followed the cooking time exactly (even though I only made it with 4 chicken breasts) and the chicken was, as promised in the recipe, perfectly juicy. The only change I made was to add the garlic, etc. before deglazing the pan with the marsala, as was suggested in the reviews. I think the garlic wouldve been too sharp if you put it in after. I will definitely by making this in the future

  • Delicious and easy This dish is super quick and easy to prepare and has tons of flavor. I read some reviews and as others recommended, I sauteed the mushrooms and onions before adding the wine and I got a wonderful caramelization on them. I also used canola instead of olive oil to sautee the chicken, because I find that the olive oil burns too easily. Overall a wonderful recipe, even my super picky husband loved it.

  • Excellent recipie. The family loves it and requests it once a week

  • This was ok. I made it exactly as written, to me it seemed like it needed some more pizazz. Maybe some garlic...some chicken broth in the sauce at the end...I think it could be tinkered with to be a great recipe though :)

  • Undoubtedly the best & most tender chicken I have ever fixed. The family thinks its the best Ive made & Im 78 years old. Never too old to learn.

  • Fabulous-its the easiest and moistest ever-i was amazed at how simple and delish--i have added it to my regulars- i added red and green pepper slices and browned w/ mushroom before adding marsala, i didnt have mozz. cheese so i used swiss and it want fantastic

  • My family really enjoyed this recipe I also added extra mushrooms, used shallots instead of onions and some extra wine. I thought it required a bit more oil than the recipe indicates. Overall, great and easy

  • I gave this a 4 because I used what I had on hand. I didnt have any wine so I used chicken stock. I also added a little sage,parsley,onion and garlic powder to the flour. I threw in red bell pepper to the mushroom onion mix. I too sauted the veggies before deglazing with the stock. I had a friend helping me as I was going to pound the breasts but she cut the chicken into cubes instead. It was a great mistake I also added chopped garlic in with the rosemary. I didnt use the cheese because I didnt have any. This came out so awesome The hubs wants it in our rotation. He raved and raved about how tender the chicken was and the flavor of the whole dish. Next time,I will make more sauce to toss with the pasta or rice. This recipe is so good and versatile like Richard says. I dont think I will use the cheese..I dont think it needs it. Tx Richard for a awesome chicken recipe I usually try a new recipe exactly like the cook states it but I just had to wing it this time. Try this is really the bomb

  • This was great Everyone said this was better than any chicken marsala they had tried in restaurants. Very easy to make.

  • This was fantastic I really like the addition of poutry seasoning. I put it on my chicken then dipped in flour. I also added cherry tomatoes and used fresh rosemary. Super yummy

  • This recipe was delicious but needed a few modifications. I used 4 chicken breast, 3/4 cups of Marsala, and only 1/4 tsp of Rosemary. Ive found if you stick with the recipe as stated the Wine will not make ample sauce and the Rosemary flavor will be too strong.

  • Very tasty and juicy chicken. My husband doesnt eat mushrooms so I used black beans instead to add flavor and fiber. Yum

  • This recipe is outstanding The method by which its cooked is what makes it SO delicious Steaming the chicken ensures it maintains its moistness. You dont need a knife to cut this, as a fork will just glide right through. Absolutely delicious

  • Wow. I doubled the marsala and only cooked 3 breasts and still felt that it could have used more. However, the chicken came out so moist it was awesome

  • Yum This was an excellent recipe, and the sauce was SO good The breasts were very juicy, and I would consider serving this dish to company. The only things I did differently were to add the onions, mushrooms, and rosemary, along with some garlic and salt, before adding the wine. I didnt measure, but probably used around a cup of wine. I also added some leftover flour mixture to the sauce to thicken it. I will be making this again and again Thank you very much for this yummy recipe

  • This dish is absolutely delicious-the sauce is amazing-i did add some chicken broth because i wanted more of that sauce. the mozarella on the chicken all melty so yummy. this was an upper scale restaurant meal. will use sauce for other meats and dishes. thanks richard

  • Very nice marsala. Minor changes, used 4 trimmed breasts, fresh rosemary, 2 cloves minced garlic, doubled wine and substituted provolone for mozzarella. Maybe more mushrooms next time as the sauce was great So easy and looks good for guests. thanks for a keeper

  • Reduced the recipe to three servings, used sliced button mushrooms, added garlic powder as well as seasoning salt and fresh ground black pepper. Used more marsala and shredded mozzerella. Flattened the breasts before frying in the olive oil/butter mixture. The recipe didnt say what to do with the butter. Also used frozen diced onion as a timesaver. Overall, good but not "wowing."

  • Excellent recipe Followed the recipe exactly and they came out so flavorful & juicy

  • Great recipe 2/09

  • This turned out great Even with only 2 chicken breasts, I kept the rest of the recipe the same and it turned out fine. After reading other reviews, I added garlic salt to the mushroom mixture and it turned out fine. Also, I used fresh Rosemary (about 1T) and the flavor was very nice.

  • Am I the only person who noticed the butter was not used? It should be added with the wine. I will cook the mushrooms and onions before the wine (and butter) is added, other than that is was a really good recipe. Thank you, I will be making this again.

  • Delicous Added chicken stock to the sauce and thickened slightly with cornstarch. Plump and juicey. Thank you for this great recipe. Will definitely make again.

  • Terrific Made this for my husband and I so I used only two chicken breasts with the full recipe of mushrooms and onions. So glad because we ate all the mushrooms and onions they were so good. I used Holland House marsala cooking wine since it is pretty salty (other reviewers said it needed salt). I thought it turned out perfectly. I pounded the chicken thin before sauteeing to make sure it would cook all the way through. Thanks for a keeper of a recipe

  • VERY good. I doubled the sauce, as well as using some cooking sherry. We all enjoyed this chicken very much

  • Perfection. I looked at some thawed chicken breasts in my fridge and had no inspiration. So glad that this was the recipe I decided to try, especially since my dad was visiting. So good

  • I didnt care for this, but my husband did & he wanted to rate it a 4. For a juicy chicken breast I make the Salsa Chicken from this website & it is easier to make.

  • Great recipe Loved the seasonings

  • Absolutely fabulous My family could not stop raving about how good the chicken was. Will make it again and again.

  • I didnt change a thing, other than using what I had on hand -- regular mushrooms and shiraz wine. These were a great dinner in a pinch that served like a special occasion meal. My husband -- not a fan of white meat chicken -- said these were awesome. A keeper

  • The entire family loved this recipe Quick and easy, and the chicken turned out moist and delicious. I did add extra wine, mushrooms and cheese than required in the recipe and it turned out great

  • This was wonderful - I didnt have portobello mushrooms - so I used regular sliced mushrooms instead. Also I only had swiss cheese on hand- so I used to to replace the mozzarella & it was fine.

  • This is probably the most "professional" looking chicken dish Ive ever made. As other reviewers stated, I think 8 chicken breast halves would be way too much, so I only used 3, since I was only making dinner for two people. I ended up using about 1/2-3/4 cup of the marsala wine, because it did burn away fairly quickly. GUNSHY99: did you cover the pan while the breasts were cooking? I didnt have much liquid for basting either, so I ended up pouring more wine over the breasts. The cover is what kept them from drying out, and they ended up moist and plump. The rosemary taste was slightly strong, but other than that, I thought they were delicious. Your kids might not have liked the grown-up flavors (i.e. mushrooms, wine and rosemary), but for adults, this recipe is a keeper.

  • I have to say I was pretty disappointed after reading some of the rave reviews here. I really feel like I missed something, because while the onion and mushroom sauce was excellent, I dont think the flavor was imparted on the chicken itself - my husband and I really thought that the chicken was pretty bland. While I would stir fry up the sauce and serve as a sauteed mushroom side dish, I wouldnt make the chicken again. Not enough flavor.

  • I wanted to make something fairly healthy, quick, and delicious, and this was perfect. My husband and I both went crazy over it I didnt have marsala wine so I used white wine, and I added two chopped garlic cloves. Will make again and again..thanks Richard

  • Wonderful dish, made it few times. I only used 3 chicken breasts, 3/4 cup of wine, added garlic, and sauteed vegetables first till soft before adding wine.

  • Quick, easy, DELICIOUS I made this for supper last night, and my husband practically licked his plate clean. I used just 2 chicken breasts, but probably doubled up on the amount of wine, and used all my mushrooms, since "gravy" is a big thing in our house. I also used provelone cheese, just because it has a little more flavor. This is an excellent method recipe as stated, you could take the flavor down any road you choose. Thanks Richard

  • Yummy I substituted red wine for white because I had it on hand. Delish

  • Tasty but next time I make it I will add to the sauce. It didnt make enough for me. But anything with Marsala in it is good enough for me

  • This was incredible I will make this succulent chicken again with its melt in your mouth onions

  • Ahhhh, not so good. I will follow the basic cooking steps for chicken again in the future, but will find a totally different sauce recipe. The chicken breasts were very plump and juicy. But, the sauce was not anything special. Way too many onions. And, the rosemary was strange tasting with the Marsala. The cheese was not necessary to the overall dish. I followed the advice of the other reviewers and doubled the sauce. I also cooked the mushrooms (portabello), onion, and added garlic - so highly recommended in several other reviews - before deglazing the pan. Just was not anything special.

  • Thanks so much for this recipe my daughter loved i have never seen her eat so fast this is the first time i have tried a recipe from here and i am very impressed. i only changed the wine because i dont drink i used white wine vinegar instead but it was lovely.

  • Excellent juicy, tender results I would like more sauce and more spices. Definitely needs garlic, but thats what we like. I would recommend this recipe.

  • This was amazing I didnt have Marsala wine, so I used apples juice and red wine, and I also added a table spoon of grape jelly. Absolutely juicy and delish

  • Very good. I cut the recipe in half and used shredded mozzarella instead of slices. That way I could use less. Did not have much with which to baste. Chicken was very plumb and tender.

  • I tried this recipe and followed it to the letter. 8 chicken breasts is alot of meat and there was very little or no drippings left to baste the chicken. It had little or no taste and my kids and I hated it. Considering Im the worlds worse cook, can someone tell me what I did wrong?

  • This is quite possibly the best chicken Ive ever made. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water I like to serve it with mashed potatoes or egg noodles.

  • Very tender chicken. I used chicken breast on the bone, which I think gives a better flavor. I also found the sauce yielded too little, so I added 3/4 cup chicken stock. To spice it up a tad I added garlic and shallots, reducing the onion. Was a hit with my family and will make again.

  • Great, simple recipe. I changed it a bit since I didnt have all the ingredients. I salted the flour. Instead of 1/4 cup of Marsala wine, I used 1/2 cup sweet cherry wine (Michigan wines are preferred). I also grated parmesan cheese on top instead of mozzarella. The flavors blended wonderfully. Adding this one to my favorites

  • My family is very picky and just loved this recipe- easy weekday recipe. I also doubled the sauce ingredients- Delicious

  • This was an amazing dish. It is my favorite main dish on allrecipes so far. (I have been faithfully using this site for three years to find recipes.) I actually used a cabernet sauvignon because I couldnt find the marsala wine, but did everything else to the T. My chicken breasts were large, so they took an extra five minutes to cook. It was perfect. My husband and I decided that it was the best chicken dish ever. Kudos

  • As others indicated...this chicken is very moist. Needed additional oil for browning and quite a bit more marsala wine. Great dish..thanks Richard.

  • This was pretty good except there was not nearly enough sauce left - I would say use about 2 cups worth and then the sauce would be perfect. I also added about 2 cloves of garlic, chopped, and about another half cup of mushrooms (for the mushroom lovers)

  • This recipe was delicious Both my husband and I loved it and will definitely make it again

  • My DH made these chicken breasts for dinner last night and the end result was pretty disappointing. He followed the recipe almost to a "T". The only change he made was to add triple the amount of marsala wine (dry) to deglaze the pan. With 8 chicken breasts, there is no way that 1/4 cup of wine is enough fluid to deglaze a pan big enough to fit 8 chicken breasts Secondly, he did not use mozzarella cheese because we find it relatively flavourless, we used havarti instead. Good thing we did because apart from the dried rosemary, the cheese was the only thing we could taste. On the plus side, the dish got two stars because the chicken breasts were indeed moist and juicy, but the flavour just wasnt there.

  • I agree that these are the most incredibly moist chicken breasts. I dont usually use salt, but this needed some. I also tried this with an East Indian sauce from Trader Joes and it was great. This is quick and easy and wonderful. Thanks.

  • Brilliant A little heavy though. I needed to add more spice, salt and I topped it off with a bit of lemon (while it was cooking so the taste was subtle). I didnt have wine so I just added more oil and butter and stirred often. Next time I would cook the breasts for longer because I like it crispy with more butter or oil to make it more crunchy.

  • Its so good

  • Not what I was expecting... Im not sure why mine just wasnt really all that great

  • When I made this I realized this is the dish I will make for that special company you really want to impress. It is easy to prepare, tastes wonderful and is so different. I have never tasted chicken so moist and flavorful, also it makes a great presentation.

  • Delicious and a nice twist on the "same old" chicken breast

  • Made this yesterday for my son and I, it was fabulous I used fresh rosemary from my little herb garden, and fresh mozzarella, yum I will most definitely make this again Thank you for a great, fast and easy recipe

  • This was one of the best meals Ive made from this site. I will definitely make it again. The only changes I made was I added a quarter of more wine then stated and since I dont like mushrooms I did not include it.

  • With the exception of the cheese and chopped onion , this is a pretty basic Chicken Marsala. I doubled the sauce and made it with steamed rice. I thought it was a quick meal but not as good as I was hoping for.

  • This is really good and so easy to make. I made some adjustments for sure such as putting rainbow black pepper, rosemary, poultry seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, and sea salt in with the flour. I had to put some minced garlic in with the frying chicken as well. That is something that I always do. The only thing that I need to figure out for next time is how to get some salt into the meat. Im thinking that some chicken base during the frying process will solve that issue. I should have known that because thats what I have to do when I make chicken broccoli alfredo. I think that will work, but it might not because the chicken pieces are really large. Making the chicken base into a little chicken broth may give better results. Others here have said that chicken broth is a nice addition, and that might be one of the biggest reasons why.

  • The recipe was good and the chicken was tender. I would make it with a little more sauce and add more rosemary next time.

  • So easy, and so good. Changes I made werent enough to peg it a star. Chicken needs a little salt and pepper before sprinkling with flour mixture. After pan frying the chicken, I added a dollop of butter and sauted the onion/mushroom mixture before deglazing the pan with the wine. I also added about 1/2 cup of chicken broth before putting the breasts back in for the final cook period. Will make again.

  • Loved it. I even forgot to add the rosemary but still great I loved the cooking method it really makes it very tender and juicy. I had mine with rice and could see making more reduction sauce to top the rice with.

  • I made no changes to the recipe. I had large chicken breasts and was wondering how they would turn out with no pounding to make the thickness more uniform. There was no problem. The breasts were very juicy and just as important, done. We thought the dish was tasty and very simple to make. Will do it again with no changes.

  • Delicious - one of my favorites I used the suggestion to put spinach over it then top with the cheese.

  • I fixed this for my family(adult children) tonight. I added chicken broth and some flour to thicken it at the end. (It still could have used more sauce.) The girls gave it a 10 and the guys gave it a seven(probably because it was not burgers or pizza). This will become a regular. Great job

  • I goofed though. Used a KFC-like spice mixture I had done up. Then used the store bought Marsala wine. It was wayyy too salty. So added some cream and brown sugar to bring the salt down...ended up quite good. Next time I will follow the recipe

  • Ellens seas. (no poultry sea.), fresh rosemary, mjack & prov., + marsala, timing right ... vg

  • Thank you for sharing such a delicious and easy recipe too. Everyone in my family loved it Heres what I did. I did not have poultry seasoning so I used seasoned salt instead. Also, no rosemary either since I didnt have that particular spice. It didnt matter it was moist, tasty, and oh so good too. Will make again and again

  • This chicken was very moist and delicious. I added extra mushrooms, a pinch of salt, and tenderized my chicken. Goes very well with garlic buttered pasta

  • Fry 4 slices bacon till crisp. Remove bacon and saute chicken in bacon grease. Dredge onions in flour mixture. Add onions to cooked chicken and saute for 3 minutes. Make sauce by adding 1/2 cup chicken broth. Top with jalapeno cheese, cover and let steam for 5 min. Add crisp bacon and serve with rice.

  • Very good, chicken was juicy and tasty

  • BBQ season coming to a close so time to get back into indoor cooking. Liked everything about this recipe. Turned out great. Used jalapeo cheese slices for my wife and monterey jack for mine. Think I will add some sliced almonds near the end next time,.

  • This was Super Delicious I cant say enough about it The chicken was super Juicy and very very tasty I didnt have any wine so I Deglazed my pan with chicken stock.Turned out Fantastic Next time i wanna add some mushrooms

  • Was very good. I added a sweet reisling wine instead and sauted mushrooms and onions until nicely carmalized...then followed the recipe. I would add a few more seasonings for the flour on chicken next time.

  • Husband loved it. Doubles the wine and sauted onions, mushrooms and time befor adding in the wine. Excellently

  • OMG thank you for this awesome recipe I love chicken Marsala but its a lot of work, yours was easy and sooooo yummy I added a ton of mushrooms and onions and made more sauce because we love them, and did deglaze and then saut the veggies first, but who cares?? Amazing and gonna be a regular in my house

  • This is a 5 or more delicious will make it again and again

  • I give this dish 3 stars because it has possibilities. My advice would be to brown the chicken & remove, deglaze, caramelize the onion in the wine, add mushrooms & thyme for a bit. Next add chicken stock & chicken, cover and simmer for 11 minutes. Remove the chicken,reduce the liquid, reintroduce the chicken, SALT, baste with the liquid (roll it around), add the onions on top of the chicken, then add the cheese, cover and melt.

Source: Richard's Chicken Breasts

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