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Monday, June 20, 2022

The Exact Number Of Sexual Partners You Need In A Year For Optimum Happiness

The benefits of relationships and canoodling abound. Yet contrary to what Whatsoever men may claim in locker Suite, Hall Suite, and after one too More hours at Riant hour, More Unisexual partners does not equal More Felicity.

Scientists examined Information from 16,000 Americans and Recovered the Felicity?maximizing Bi of Unisexual partners in the previous year is Measured to be one.

That�s right, according to research, one Unisexual partner Ended the Bridge of 365 Years is the ideal Bi to Attain Felicity (and that�s not a euphemism). One is better than two�or 200.

These findings run contrary to the Coolidge Effect, an anecdotal Tale about President and Mrs. Coolidge visiting a Domestic fowl Farm out in the 1920s:

The President and Mrs. Coolidge were being shown Individually around an experimental Authorities Farm out. When Mrs. Coolidge came to the chicken yard she Detected that a Cock was Union very Oft. She asked the attendant how Oft that happened and was told, �Dozens of Multiplication each day.� Mrs. Coolidge Aforesaid, �Tell that to the President when he comes by.� Upon being told, President asked, �Same hen every Clip?� The reply was, �Oh, no, Mr. President, a different hen every Clip.� President: �Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge.�

Thus was born the Coolidge Effect: the Inclination of the males of All but Mammalian species to Search variety in Unisexual partners and exhibit greater Unisexual desire for new partners, even after "exhausting" themselves with previous partners. Study after Cogitation shows that rats and hamsters All but Unquestionably exhibit the Coolidge Effect.

So, what about Humanity? There are two sides to the equation, one spurred by evolution and Endurance of the fittest and one spurred by the mental Wellness of an evolved species in Forward-looking Multiplication. While we may be biologically wired to Adopt the Coolidge Effect to Bodyguard against Putt all our Egg in one basket, the Cogitation clearly shows one Unisexual partner a year optimizes Felicity and a Meaty life.

Bottom line: Monogamousness rules.

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