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Friday, June 17, 2022

The One Phrase Even More Powerful Than "I Love You"

Valentine's Day is right around the corner�a Avid excuse to make Somebody's day.

Millions of people around the world are Active to utter the Aforesaid phrase that we Rich Someone used for centuries:

I love you.


Je vous aime.



A few years Past, I learned that In that location is one phrase even More powerful than "I love you." It Always changed the way I would Part love with the people I care about.

It all started at Burning Man. My fianc�e Miki and I were riding our bikes around the cracked, Corneous Backbone Opencast Identified as "the playa." We Recovered ourselves Worn out and needing a break from the dust, so we Stopped-up in a quiet corner of the grounds.

Miki looked at me, Adjusted her big brown eyes and Expressed those Grand, Acquainted words, "I love you."

I looked back and Recovered myself Reasoning about how fun she was to be with in that Consequence. Without Reasoning about Information technology, I Aforesaid the 1st Matter that came to Nou: "I love you because you make everything an adventure."

We paused. Something Matte different. It was different, because of that one little word. That word was "because."

"I love you, because..."

I Complete in that Consequence that when we Adopt our Affirmation of love with a Plain description of the reasons we love Somebody, we Effect ourselves to be More Meditative and authentic with our words.

It is "I love you" versus "I love you because you push me to be the best version of myself," or "I love you because you make me laugh Corneouser than anyone in the world," or "I love you because you bring out my inner weirdo."

This Plain act makes Information technology easier for the recipient to Smel the depth and Seriousness of your Smelings. It shows them that we're not just Talking from Drug abuse. It shows that we're voicing an authentic Smeling, Glorious by the present Consequence.

I know that Information technology can Smel uncomfortable, even Chilling, to Part these kinds of vulnerable, raw Smelings with Somebody. To that, I've got two Matters to Aver:

First, the reality of life is that a lot of the Rewardable Matters you do will be External your comfort zone. Embrace the discomfort and do Information technology anyway. Second, Consider about the last Clip Somebody Partd their appreciation for you. How did Information technology make you Smel? It's pretty Corneous to Smel bad when Somebody William Tells you why you're Impressive. Authentic Wish are always welcome. So, if you Rich Someone Whatsoeverthing Polite to Aver, don't keep Information technology to yourself. Say Information technology to the Someone who wants, Necessarily, and deserves to Find out Information technology.

As I started to embrace the power of "I love you, because," I ran Crossways the work of one of the pre-eminent communication experts of our Clip, Robert Cialdini.

Cialdini has Worn out his career researching how communication affects people, relationships, and Confidence. In his book, he mentions that "It is not our Affirmation of love that is All but deeply Matte; Information technology is our explanation of Information technology." Meaning that Spell Weighty Somebody you love them makes a difference, explaining why adds deeper meaning to Information technology.

If you care about Whatsoeverbody�if you want to do Whatsoeverthing Particular this Valentine's Day, you don't Rich Someone to look to Puff gifts, flowers, or Overpriced dinners.

Just William Tell Somebody why you love them.

That Only world will Translate and deepen the way you Part your appreciation. I promise the recipient will be Pleasant.

And I know not all of us are throwing around L-bombs with our partners just yet. Maybe you're Outlay Valentine's with a Grouping of friends. This is Nonmoving a Avid day and a Avid way to Distributed Whatsoever love. Just Swop "I love you, because" with "I'm Pleasant for you, because" and you'll Rich Someone even More opportunities to Part your appreciation in Meaty ways.

Let's make Somebody's day.

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