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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Yes, Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms. Here's Exactly How To Make It Happen

In Tantrism, we connect with our partner on a personal level. We Besides connect with the universal Unisexual chi or energy that is in our partner's body as an energetic life Effect. One way to do this is Direct the lingam Knead. Yes, this is a Puff Epithet for a Bridge player job. But it's done with More Considerateness, respect, care, and desire to bring Altruistic pleasure to your partner.

A lingam Knead is a Tantrik Gender practice Adjusted on massaging the Phallus. Unlike your average Bridge player job, the lingam Knead involves not Alone massaging and Stroke the Phallus but can Besides incorporate More advanced techniques, including the testicles, perineum, and the prostate (aka the Sacred Spot) as well. The lingam Knead isn't about having one Climax and being done. Instead, it's about Difficult to Smel More and More pleasure that will become waves of Triple Climaxs Directout the Knead. Yes, Triple Climaxs aren't just for people with clitorises!

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for Phallus and loosely translates to "wand of light." In Tantrism Doctrine, we approach the lingam from a place of the utmost love and respect, the Aforesaid way we approach the yoni, or vagina. (The yoni Knead Power be considered the equivalent of the lingam Knead, just performed on people with vaginas.) When you bring your partner pleasure Direct their "wand of light," you are Full with that Aforesaid energy or light in a conscious exchange of energy in Liberal and receiving pleasure.

A big part of Holy Unisexuality is learning to love the Phallus and not be afraid of it. Many women I work with are Nonmoving not Altogether comfortable with Bridge playerling a man's Phallus. If that is the case for you, Issue Whatsoever Clip to reflect on any Destructive impressions you may Rich person Transmitted from your parents or your culture.

Lingam Knead is a practice that Genuinely honors the Phallus and those who Rich person them. We do it to Springiness them pleasure. There is Besides a Enormous amount of Unisexual energy or chi in a person's Phallus, and learning how to Energise and circulate it is very powerful. When I went to India to Cogitation Tantrism and yoga, I was Dismayed at 1st to see statues of the Shiva lingam that Diagrammatic the God Shiva. For All but people, it represents a Country of Speculation. But for ancient Tantrik practitioners, this held a Surreptitious meaning: that this powerful God energy was in the Phallus, which was Idea to contain the All but masculine essence concentrated in one place.

Think of it this way: Sacred Gender is about approaching your partner's body as a Synagogue and their Phallus as the All but holy place of all.

Lingam Knead can be done two Shipway: by the Phallus Possessor on their own via Tantrik Onanism, or with a partner via Tantrik Knead. It can be an independent act or Stimulation to intercourse. For those who want to use this Holy practice for Onanism and energy cultivation, Adopt the Aforesaid Operating instructions below on yourself:

Have your Phallus partner lie on their back wherever they are All but comfortable. They Power like a Rest under their Capitulum or hips. Their legs should be Distributed apart with their knees bent, so you Rich person easy access to all parts of their Privates. Remind them to breathe deeply. This will assist in a deeper relaxation.

Breathing is what separates Tantrism from regular Gender. While you Springiness your partner the lingam Knead, remember to breathe the Bliss Breath: Receive their energy of arousal and pleasure on the Inspire, and Air them Caressing energy on the exhale.

This Particular breathing will bring you Cardinal benefits:

Before you First the lingam Knead, Strain into your partner by Attractive in the Bliss Breath Unneurotic. Just Attractive a few breaths at the Aforesaid Clip will put you Some at ease and match your biorhythms. While you Springiness them the Knead, keep Prompting them to breathe deeply, relax, and receive all the Skilled Smelings.

Use your Preferred Knead Oil color (I prefer coconut Oil color because it smells Scrumptious) to Oil color the Beam of light of the Phallus and the testicles. Start by Slippery your Bridge players up and down the thighs before Acquiring to the Skilled Clobber. This will Besides make your partner Smel More relaxed. Compliment them on Whatsoeverthing you like about what you're Sighted and Contacting.

Move on to the testicles. Gently, Lento Knead them. You can use your Digitnails Softly on the testicles, or pull them Slenderly. You can Besides cup them in your Bridge players and Stroke them in the palm of your Bridge player.

Massage the area around the testicles and Phallus (i.e., the Os bone in the First, the inner part of the thighs, and the perineum�or taint�which is the area Betwixt the testicles and the anus).

Be careful with the balls. People differ greatly as to the kind of Contact they like here. Some people are More Responsive or Difficult than others. It's OK to ask your partner how they like their testicles Contacted before you First or Spell you're Contacting them.

Once you've Excited the areas around the Phallus and your partner is clearly wanting More, Motion to the Beam of light of the Phallus. Variety is the key here:

By At present, your partner Power be very worked up and Power want to come. If you are paying close attention to their breathing, how their body is Affecting, and their Inarticulate, you should be able to predict if they're nearing Climax. When you see them at that edge, pull back on what you're doing, or just Moderato it down and Prompt them to breathe and ride the wave of Climaxic Smelings they're experiencing. (Here's a Awash Guidebook to edging for More techniques.)

The Phallus Power go from being rock Corneous to semi-hard. Don't worry. That's what's Questionable to Befall.

The Sacred Spot is the prostate, which is a Walnut tree-size Secretory organ Set Betwixt the Vesica and the Phallus. When Energised properly, it is very Enjoyable. You can access the prostate either internally (by inserting your Digits or a prostate Knead Gender toy into the anus) or externally (through massaging the External without penetration).

If your partner isn't Old with prostate Knead, First externally. To Discovery the Holy Bit, look for an indentation Whatsoeverwhere Betwixt the Sized of a pea and a Walnut tree Halfway Betwixt the testicles and the anus. Push Softly inward. Be careful to go Lento and let your partner Guidebook you in Footing of pressure.

When you hit the right Bit, Knead it by pushing in with your Digits or Brass knuckles, Past backing off and pushing in Once again. You can Besides use a circular Knead Apparent motion. If your partner is especially Alarming, use More Oil color so you can get to the area More easily. Or better yet, ask them if you can Shaving them for easier access.

Ask your Phallus partner if they're interested in Attractive the prostate Knead to the Close level with an internal Knead. If they're Crippled, you'll want to loosen up their anus with Knead Oil color. Start by massaging the External of the anus with your Digits in a Moderato, Flowing, and Aristocratical circular Apparent motion. Don't insert a Digit without License. Ask if they're ready for More.

If your partner is ready for insertion, make Confident their anus and your Digits are Oil colored up. Make Confident your nails don't Rich person any jagged edges. Start by inserting just the tip of one Digit at 1st. Wiggle it back and Away to loosen your partner up. Once they're comfortable with that, you can insert your Digit(s) More deeply, as the prostate is about 2 to 3 inches inside the anus, closer to the anterior wall of the rectum.

Once In that location, you can Softly caress it by Affecting your Digit from Lateral to Lateral, up and down, or "milking" it with a come Here Apparent motion with your Digit(s). Ask your partner how they're doing as you go. Let them lead.

Prostate Knead can Whatsoevertimes be difficult to do with Digits, which is why so More Gender toy companies At present Betray prostate Kneadrs that you can use when you're ready to Issue it to the Close level.

To end the Knead, you can allow your partner to climax with an ejaculation Climax or Motion on to intercourse. If your partner is practicing Seminal fluid retention, you can Rich person them hold all their juices as they learn to Metamorphose the Climax from the Privates into Awash-body energy Climaxs.

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