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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Recipe: Bloody Mary Mix

My sister got this recipe from a restaurant in Ohio and all our family loves it. This is very spicy and needs time to blend flavors.

Bloody Mary Mix Ingredients

  • 1 (46 fluid ounce) bottle tomato-vegetable juice cocktail

  • 1? fruit, without seeds lemons, juiced

  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar

  • 1 tablespoon steak sauce

  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

  • 1 teaspoon prepared horseradish

  • 1 teaspoon hot pepper sauce

  • teaspoon celery salt

How to Make Bloody Mary Mix

  1. In a large pitcher, combine juice cocktail, lemon juice and brown sugar. Season with Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, hot sauce and celery salt. Cover, and refrigerate 8 to 12 hours to allow flavors to meld.

Bloody Mary Mix Nutritions

  • Calories: 44.6 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 10.5 g

  • Cholesterol: 0 mg

  • Fat: 0.1 g

  • Fiber: 2.4 g

  • Protein: 1.7 g

  • SaturatedFat: 0 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 581.8 mg

  • Sugar: 5.7 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Bloody Mary Mix Reviews

  • I have made this mix for years but never knew to use brown sugar. boy was i surprised, it does add to the taste. i had a party and made a pitcher of my standard and a pitcher of this mix with the brown sugar. i marked them a and b served a very small sample of each without the vodka and had them vote. 31 people sampled each and the vote was 27 to 4 in favor of the mix with brown sugar. what more needs to be said. may i add one piece of advice, because tomato juice is so acidic, never by in a can only in a bottle, if not you will taste the can on the roof of your mouth

  • This may not be the way a bloody mary is supposed to taste, but is definitely the way it should taste I use this recipe for Bloody Sundays with the gang. I serve with pickled green beans and almond-stuffed olives. HUGE HIT

  • We added 16 ounces of vodka and served this at Christmas brunch with a stalk of celery in each hi-ball glass. Everyone loved them... my husband even made them a bit spicier than the recipe called for. This one is definitely a keeper for our family.

  • This was very different. It was a decent mixed drink, but tasted nothing like a Bloody Mary should taste.

  • Made this yesterday for the 4th of July and it was really very good. I used lime instead of lemon and it was great I left the hot pepper sauce out so people could add more if needed. Very nice.

  • My husband & I love a good Bloody Mary and this was absolutely wonderful Didnt change a thing. Mixed everything together on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed on Sunday morning. I had never heard of letting the mixture sit for any length of time, but that really made it work And it was tasty whether you like a small or large amount of vodka This is truely a "keeper" and we will be making this often

  • This was sooo good. I didnt change the recipe at all. It got better the longer you waited. Yummy

  • This is great and so easyI have given this recipie to several of my Friends and they love it.Great for a Sunday Brunch.

  • I love a good Bloody mary and this is one of the best. The only change I amde was to double the amount of horseradish...I like it hot

  • Excellent recipe served it for a brunch with rave reviews thanks for sharing

  • Fantastic. Used it for bloody marys at Easter brunch. Had a little mix left over and drank with breakfast the rest of the week

  • This was SO good and very easy to make. We added more horseradish and hot sauce (personal preference). Much better than store-bought bloody mary mix. Thanks for the great recipe

  • I made this omitting the steak sauce (just because I didnt have it on hand) and allowed it to sit for about a day and a half. The result was very good, although I thought the celery salt was a little overpowering. Next time Ill halve the amount. If you like things really spicy, Id suggest upping the amount of horseradish and hot pepper sauce

  • Good stuff, just add the vodka. Try adding a pinch, or so, of Old Bay

  • This is a great recipe The second time I made it, I modified to my tastes (I like a lot of spice) by not using the sugar, and bumping up the amount of horseradish and hot sauce to 1 T instead of 1 t. I used Scorned Woman hot sauce which has a heartier flavor than Tabasco sauce. I also added some garlic salt and black pepper to taste. For me, the perfect garnish is a dill pickle spear, a celery stalk, garlic stuffed green olives and a pickled green bean. A jumbo shrimp or two would also taste great as a garnish to this drink.

  • Followed this recipe with one tiny modofication--after pouring mix over vodka, I put in a splash of Claussen pickle juice, then mixed. My fiance and I were getting frustrated after trying several store bought mixes, and we both love this one since were both Bloody Mary fanatics. Have a beer chaser on the side and this stuff is fantastic

  • Very good but I doubled all the ingredients. Without doubling I thought it was way too bland.

  • Best ever We drank it right away without letting it sit 8-12hrs and it was still perfect. Im sure it gets even better as it sits but we couldnt wait

  • Just o.k. for me. I think if I try it again I will omit the brown sugar.

  • Delicious The only changes I made were to add a dash of lime juice, add hotshot pepper and double the horseradish. For added flavor - definitely let the mix set for a few hours before drinking.

  • Delicious

  • Excellent Perfect mix of flavors with a wonderful combination of textures

  • Loved this recipe and it got lots of compliments when I made it for a big group on Thanksgiving. We liked it so much, we made it again a week after for a tailgate party. I like mine a bit "spicier", so the second time I added a bit more horseradish and more hot sauce. I definitely think letting it sit for the 8-12 hours really helps boost its flavor.

  • Omitted the brown sugar and added more horseradish. Turned out very well

  • Loved it I have never made a Bloody Mary before but this one was great. Next time I will tweak it just a little...would like it just a bit spicier.

  • So disappointing. Bloody Marys are my all-time favorite drink and this was probably the worst one Ive ever had. I didnt care for the lemon or the sugar, and the sparing use of any of the flavor components make this a one star. Glad I tried it before the guests came. Will be adding more w sauce, hot sauce and celery salt to hopefully redeem it a bit

  • This is really good I added a little extra horseradish. YUMMMMM

  • Great taste but I didnt like the prepared horseradish floating around. Mine stayed in little chunks instead of blending in.

  • We really enjoyed this Bloody Mary Mix - really loved the addition of the horseradish. We thought it needed more spice, so added quite a bit of Scorpion Sting hot sauce, rubbed the rim of the glass with salt and pepper, and garnished with celery and olives. Yum

  • This is beyond amazing. I dont think Ill ever try another bloody mary recipe again. I drink this with or without any additional spirits (beer, tequila, or vodka). It makes THE BEST red beer. Also, sometimes I add a little bit of garlic powder and black pepper.

  • An A for effort, but who has time for all that? Try Hot D. It came acrossed it in Ohio and havent had anything else since.

  • I didnt really like this mix very much. I much prefer Clamato for Bloody Marys. My mother taught me never to waste so... To use it up I used this as a base for chili and it was REALLY TASTEY

  • I LOVE this recipe. Its easy to make and uses easy to find ingredients. My mouth waters just thinking about making up a batch I always add a little extra horseradish and use a bloody mary rim salt.

  • Pretty good mix Needs a little beef broth to make it better. I made mix for I just buy Irish Dog. Saves me time and money, not to mention its better that the mix I made at home.

  • This is AWESOME I made Christmas baskets (I canned it) and added some of my home made pickled brussel sprouts, pickles and asparagus. With a couple of little snacks, what a great gift

  • I made this for a baby shower (it was just the mix because we couldnt serve alcohol), and it was a HUGE hit I think I ended up adding more seasoning to taste the day of the party.

  • I made this for a brunch party and everyone raved about it. Definately a keeper

  • I like my Bloody Mary spicy IMHO, the key to a great Bloody Mary is freshly ground horseradish and lots of it. I feel like if Im going to go through the effort to make my own mix, Im not going to stop short by using a prepared horseradish. If youve never worked with fresh horseradish, please be careful of the fumes they are powerful, and dont touch your eyes without a proper hand washing. In this recipe, I use fresh horseradish to taste. I also use lots of coarsely ground black pepper and I increased the hot pepper sauce. Oh and I omit the sugar.

  • Delicious I didnt have steak sauce so I doubled the worcestershire sauce. I used Clamato instead of V-8. I could drink this all the time without the alcohol.

  • Excellent Recipe We like it spicy so we used the spicy tomato-vegetable juice cocktail Weve tried several store bought Bloody Mary mixes and this is by far better and easy to make.

  • I am not a bloody Mary kind of guy. This is a great drink. I will be more inclined to have a bloody in the future.

  • My girlfriends and I just love this recipe. I have to make it everytime we get together. The longer is sits the better tasting it gets. Thanks for sharing this recipe

  • This was quite tasty, but it gave me chronic heartburn, and made my eyes water. Ill stick to regular ole tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce. Thanks, anyway.

  • This is a pretty good recipe. But, its a recipe in progress. The first time I made it, it was a little too much V-8-ish. Next time, Ill spice it up a bit more. This is a good start for those who havent made Bloody Marys from scratch before.

  • Why would you put brown sugar in a bloody mary mix?????? The secret is the lemon juice. You want spicy not sweet spicy..

  • Great Just enough spice

  • This tasted just like a Bloody Mary I could get in a restaurant - it was delicious, not too spicy - really great mixer. Thanks

  • I followed this recipe & made no substitutions. It was ok; I didnt care for the brown sugar although I thought it sounded good. I may try this again sans the brown sugar & pump up the spice with black pepper.

  • Fabulous recipe. Made it for a neighborhood weekend away in the Napa Valley and it got rave reviews. Nothing better then a Bloody Mary after a night of WONDERFUL Friends and FABULOUS Wine. You do not even need the vodka. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Very good.....I had everything but the hot sauce...which was okay...I dont like it too hot......I couldnt wait for it to sit for eight hours....brown sugar and steak sauce made this recipe....Its probably even better left in the fridge for 8 hours....Next time...

  • The brown sugar is a different twist but I need pickle juice in mine. Also, a good swap for spice/flavor is banana pepper juice.

  • Followed the recipe and it turned out bland. I was so hopeful

  • Been looking for a Bloody Mary recipe for a while now, and I must say Im not too surprised I found the perfect one from OH-IO. Followed recipe exactly making NO changes, and it was incredible. It gets better the longer it sits so make it ahead of time. Go Buckeyes.

  • Loved it My Bloody Mary mix is my new afternoon snack and perfect for Weekend brunch bloodys

  • No and yes.

  • Made this a couple of times now & this is the best Bloody Mary mix recipe Ive come across Its way better than anything you can buy at the store. It is a great recipe, as written, but Ive also made it & added 2 tbsp. of spicy garlic pickle juice...YUM Thanks for the recipe

  • Pretty good stuff. I made two pitchers of mix for a gathering. I didnt use store bought mix because even if it looks vegan, you never know how Natural Flavoring is made.The brown sugar adds something that is different. I served with spicy dills, pickled beet wedges, garlic olives, and marinated button mushies.

  • Well, this is a solid recipe. Complex, layered flavors. No alcohol required; it is a delicious drink on its own.Im withholding the last star until it sits overnight - if it lasts that long. Very good base and easy to tweak to your individual tastes by adjusting ingredient levels. Will update after we taste it tomorrow But, for sure it is a keeper.

  • I tried this the other day. It wasnt super spicy and I think it will work well for a brunch. Good recipe.

  • I feel like Ive been on a search for an outstanding Bloody Mary recipe all my life. Ive decided to stop here. This is the best Ive have had after many false hopes at top notch restaurants. There is almost an addicting quality to this concoction (a really good thing) that as I savor the spice sweet heat, I cant hep but guzzle. I mean guzzle Ive tried (Im guessing here, but trying to be accurate) 30+ recipes and many pre-mixes; including Demitris Bloody Mary mix (but their pepperoni straws are outstanding). This is still my favorite. Only problem is the recipe calls for 46 ozs of V8. Now they sell it in 64 ozs. so you have some math to do in order to make it oh so perfect. Thank you for sharing this outstanding recipe with us

  • Added 1/4 tsp of minced garlic

  • This was delicious I didnt have steak sauce so I used 2 tsp of soy sauce This us a keeper

  • Yum

  • Simple I wouldnt change a thing Thanks for the recipe.

  • I dont like Bloody Marys but I do enjoy Bloody Mary mix and this has all of the ingredients for creating the real deal.

  • Coating the bottom of each glass with a splash of bottled dill sauce adds a great flavor to any Bloody Mary. I served it this way when I was a bartender and customers always loved them.

  • Next time Ill skip the steak sauce and double the Worcestershire sauce. Very tasty, now I need to add Vodka.After adding vodka Ive changed my mind and the steak sauce is a good addition.

Source: Bloody Mary Mix

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