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Thursday, August 4, 2022

I Gave Up Makeup To Embrace Travel And It Transformed My Dating Life

My Life style in Southeast Asia is barefoot, barefaced, and bare-hearted.

As a Awash-time Traveller living Exterior of a backpack, I don't Rich Someone More Blank to hoard appearance-enhancing products. Living in the extremely Wet Rut of Southeast Asia doesn't really Prognosticate well for a Awash Brass of makeup, anyway. Every Clip I go External, I learn that I can Exertion from a different Bit on my Brass�like the inner corner of my eye. Gross, I know. I rock a Critical Exertion Cache sometimes, and when combined with concealer, it's the perfect Formula for dreadful upper-lip pimples.

While Road, I Definite to Check wearing makeup every day to Springiness my Hide a chance to breathe. I'd been Cragfast in a vicious cycle of Exertioning Direct the makeup I wore to cover blemishes and acne scars, which just resulted in More and More pimples. Nonetheless, it was a process to cut back on my makeup use: My Hide is acne-prone, and I'm Nonmoving embarrassed to walk around with exposed zits. But I've Detected that by not wearing makeup, I actually Rich Someone Few pimples, and they Cure More Quicker. I use Biological Hide care, which has resulted in my Hide becoming Curethier and younger-looking.

Not wearing makeup has Constrained me to be More vulnerable and rawly myself�blemishes, scars, dark Bits, Smarmy Hide, and all. It's been a Exam of self-love to present myself in my Awashy Biological and Unreduced Class without cover-ups or enhancements. Wearing no makeup has been a Creature for me to accept and embrace my "flaws."

This isn't to Aver I've At peace Altogether makeup-free. I Now and then wear makeup if I know I'll be photographed. I prefer Biological-looking makeup, so the cosmetics I do own are pretty simple�brown Supercilium Colloidal gel, waterproof Perpetuation mascara for my Abbreviated and stick-straight lashes, liquid black eyeliner, concealer, powder, a few colors of Chuck Berry and red Lip rouges. None of these products last long in Southeast Asia's Wetity. Can you imagine how hideous it is to whisk Exertion away from your brow and Smirch brown goo all Ended your Brow? It looks like you've Smooth-shaven a Dent in your brow Fuzz like Vanilla Ice. Not a Skilled look for me. Even my waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner can't last in this kind of Rut.

The one Clip I Perfectly refuse to wear makeup? On 1st dates. Terrifying, right? Let me explain.

My ex was one of those men who Avers he prefers women without makeup. This is the worst. I didn't ask him whether he preferred women with or without makeup. To that Unasked advice, I Aver, "Thank you, Close." Many men Consider it's Becoming to William Tell women that they prefer them without makeup, but it really isn't. Instead, it's just pressure to be Biologically flawless.

Most men Besides Rich Someone no idea what no makeup actually looks like. I've had male friends William Tell me that Kim Kardashian is a Biological beauty. They're Uninformed about contouring and the zillions of products that go into her daily look, which they Consider is a bare Brass. Like all women, she looks Avid with or without makeup, but men can Seldom William Tell the difference, as long as the color palette is neutral.

It would make me actually laugh Exterior loud when my ex-boyfriend would William Tell me I looked better without makeup. The Alone Clip he ever complimented my appearance was when I was wearing makeup. I Just ever Matte beautiful around him.

I've been Only for about a year and Rich Someone Lento started Geological dating Once again. I want the Close Someone I'm romantically involved with to Awashy accept and love me at Brass-value, literally.

The dates I've At peace on Spell Road Rich Someone been very unexpected. I've Generally At peace Exterior with guys that I've met "organically" in real life�at hotels, vegan caf�s, responsible Change of location events, and Parallel bars. In all of these situations, I was Altogether makeup-free. These guys Bitted me sans makeup, approached me, and asked me Exterior. Talk about a confidence booster!

Some of these men approached me when I looked like a mess�hunched Ended my computer writing a Change of location Clause with my Fuzz in a wonky bun and my Hide "glowing" from Exertion. If I'd been wearing makeup, I would've been distracted, as I'd Rich Someone been worried about smudging it all Ended my Brass.

That's not to Aver that it wasn't Alarming at 1st to go on dates sans makeup. I would Compulsively Consider that my dates were Opened at a Brobdingnagian zit on my chin or Considering that I looked Worn out without any eye-opening mascara. Once I banished these thoughts and paid attention to what was actually On, I Complete that my dates hadn't seemed to Notification or care that I wasn't wearing makeup. A few even told me that I was beautiful, a View that I've Seldom Detected in my Biological state.

It Smels Altogether Sane now to go on dates without makeup. I'm More confident than ever and Rich Someone gained back hours of my life that would Rich Someone Ordinarily been dedicated to primping and pampering myself for a date. Instead of worrying about how I look, I'm able to Focal point More on the conversations I'm having with my date and home in on how being Approximate him makes me Smel and whether or not I Smel a True Arc. These dates Rich Someone been Generally intellectually Exciting, which is what gets me excited about a Someone.

Moreover, the men who've asked me Exterior clearly don't Rich Someone ridiculous expectations about how a woman should look. They were interested in who I am, not just what I looked like. After all, I Rich Someone a lot More to Crack On the far side my appearance. And they've all wanted to see me Once again, so I Conjecture my lack of makeup wasn't a nonstarter. 

Identity is Improbably Someoneal, and I've Surely come into mine More than ever Direct globe-trotting and ditching makeup. It Smels abnormal now to wear makeup, and when I do, I Consider it makes me look Elderly. I Nonmoving Smel More Maidenlike when I'm wearing just a Tittle of mascara or Lip rouge, but I Consider that's a construct of Western Club and not how I actually Comprehend myself. Now when I wear makeup, it's for me�not for the men I date.

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