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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Recipe: Aileen's Punch

My sisters friend gave her this recipe years ago to use at our parents 25th wedding anniversary party. We never had a name for it other than Aileens Punch This is very refreshing and so easy to put together. I recommend making an ice ring out of extra pineapple juice or apricot nectar.

Aileen's Punch Ingredients

  • 1 (46 fluid ounce) can pineapple juice

  • 1 (46 fluid ounce) can apricot nectar

  • 1 (6 ounce) can frozen limeade concentrate

  • 2 liters lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage

How to Make Aileen's Punch

  1. In a punch bowl combine pineapple juice, apricot nectar and limeade; finally, pour in the lemon-lime soda.

Aileen's Punch Nutritions

  • Calories: 92.6 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 23.4 g

  • Cholesterol:

  • Fat: 0.1 g

  • Fiber: 0.4 g

  • Protein: 0.3 g

  • SaturatedFat:

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 9.2 mg

  • Sugar: 15.1 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Aileen's Punch Reviews

  • Incredible punch I had to make multiple copies for my book club. You can find the apricot nectar in the mexican foods section (look for Jumex brand juices).

  • This punch was FANTASTIC. I made the entire quantity called for without thinking too hard about it (with only a few friends coming over), so naturally, we had a bunch left over at the end of the night (even though everyone loved it and was slurping down cup after cup) -- it makes a ton. This is the super-cool part, though: since I didnt want to throw the rest away, I stuck it in the fridge (even though I was pretty sure that I was being a moron, since the soda would obviously lose its fizz before I would drink or serve it again...). Well, FOUR DAYS LATER, I pulled it out of the fridge, mixed it with some more lemon-lime soda, and it was JUST AS GOOD AS THE FIRST TIME. This stuff ROCKS. Every single person who tried it absolutely loved it. Couldnt get enough.

  • Mmm, this was so good and refreshing, not overwhelmingly sweet like many punches. I couldnt find a big can of apricot nectar, so I used four small cans of peach nectar. Also, I used diet 7-Up. By the way, it calls for the small can of limeade, I didnt figure that out until after I shopped, so I just used half of the big one.

  • I made this for a baby shower today and got great reviews from both kids and adults. I really liked how quick and easy this was to put together. I made an ice ring as suggested with some of the punch and slices of orange, lemon, and lime. I think it would also be pretty just to float the fruit slices on top of the punch. This recipe is definitely a keeper

  • We made this punch for our Church dedication and it was a HIT. We had over 300 people on Mothers Day and were able to plan for that many using the tools you provide. Thanks so much for this great beverage.

  • Excellent punch. This is my new favorite. I used fresca instead of sprite or 7-up. It was gone in no time, I should have bought the stuff to make a second round YUMMMM

  • Made this for my daughters 4th birthday party. I added orange surbert to it. It was a hit Not too sweet.


  • I just served this at my friends baby shower and it was a BIG HIT Everyone raved about it and several people insisted on the recipe The ice ring didnt work too well since it was just the juices. It fell apart when we put it in the punch. It would have worked better if I had used some Sprite in the actual ring. It would have frozen harder and more solid.

  • This was just delicious. It worked really well with the pineapple ice ring. Everyone loved it

  • This punch is pretty good, though I think you should adjust it as you go to your personal taste. The flavors can be overwhelming, and limeade is really pulpy - so I think just a tablespoon or two of it is enough. The people at the party I took it to seemed intrigued and asked me what was in it. The flavor is tropical so I can see it being a big hit at a luau-themed party.

  • Just served this for a baby shower and EVERYONE raved about it. Only had a tiny bit left over. Will definitely make it part of my permanent collection.

  • Served this at my sons birthday party and kids and adults all raved. Should have had another round of ingredients at the ready because it was GONE before the party was over. Made an ice ring (bought a used ring mold at Goodwill) w/ some of the pineapple juice, lemon lime soda and water and put in thinly slice orange rounds for a beautiful presentation that had everyone calling me "Martha"

  • Very good punch. I used some mango/papaya juice mixture instead of apricot nectar and used maybe 3/4 of the 2 liters of Sprite, it was a fabulous combo and the next day I added some white wine to the mixture...even better haha Good recipe

  • VERY citrus-y but yummy punch I added an extra 2 liters of sprite to cut down on the tangy flavor and then enjoyed it MUCH better. VERY easy to make

  • Delicious combination of juices; I served this for Thanksgiving and everyone enjoyed it. I saved the leftovers for breakfast My son and I had fun making ice cubes from juice, and we froze tiny pieces of orange slices and cherries in each cube. This way, the punch stays cold, does not get watered down, and it is very colorful.

  • Everytime I make this punch everyone wants the recipe. Ive been told it tasts like a starburst This is always a hit

  • I thought this was a tasty, refreshing punch and will definitely make again.

  • I made this for my daughters Senior Recital. It was great and so easy. The punch bowl was too small to fit a whole recipe at once, so I mixed all of the ingredients except the soda in a gallon jug. I then added half of this mix and one liter of soda to the punch bowl each time it needed to be refilled. I actually made three batches, and used one jug for each batch so that I could keep track of how much soda to put in. It was a great success - even the folks who dont usually like punch came back for seconds. We had coffee too, but almost nobody had any, even though it was a cold night - the punch was just too pretty and tasty.

  • This was good. I might try increasing the apricot nectar and decreasing the pineapple juice and lemon lime soda next time. I couldnt really taste the apricot. But, it is a gorgeous golden color, especially for fall. I made an ice ring out of apricot nectar, and put marishino cherries in the bottom of the ring for extra color. Beautiful

  • Best punch Ive ever tasted Whenever I make it guests at the function ask for the recipe. My slight modification/suggestion is to use the new 7UP Tropical Blend as the lemon/lime soda.

  • Weve made this for family gatherings all during the year. Dont worry if you dont have perfect amounts of the juices etc. because it tastes great even if the measurements arent perfect. An added touch is to do an ice ring (or else ice cubes) with a piece of orange in them.

  • This is a great punch. So refreshing for summer time. I had so many people ask how I had made it.

  • I made this for my parent 50th wedding anniversary party. This is an easy and tasty recipe. They drank two batches

  • This punch was really good. It would work great as a party punch. I definitely rate it 5 stars and I would recommend it.

  • I tried this recipe at a bridal shower for a friend. It was a huge hit I froze pineapple chunks in nectar to make an ice ring. Everyone loved eating the fruit inside.

  • The best punch ever tasted.

  • This is a great punch. I now make this all the time for my family. My only tips for this recipe are to make sure that you chill all of the ingredients and add a bit more of the lemon-lime soda than the recipe calls for.

  • This is a great punch. All my guests loved it, old and young. It is a really simple punch with an interesting combination of flavors. I will make this again

  • I used this at a bridal shower. It was a big hit.

  • I served this at a baby shower and everybody raved about it. Very good

  • I made 300 servings of this for about 180 people I had so many people ask me for the recipe I had to give them the website name (there was only about 10 servings left)

  • I made this recipe for a reception. It was easy to prepare and it was a hit with adults and children alike. I mixed the fruit juices ahead of time and then added the lemon-lime soda at serving time. This made for a quick and easy refill of the punch bowl.

  • This was great Definately a Keeper for future parties. I made a ice ring as suggested and it was great No need to cool the punch ingreadients or have ice.

  • Thank you so much Lisa for posting this recipe My husband had a holiday party at work, and waited until the night before to tell me that he volunteered to bring in punch. I found your recipe that night, made it up and he took it to work- it was an incredible success About a dozen of his coworkers had asked for the recipe. I luckily was able to sample a glass at home before he took it in I can honestly say that this is the best punch I have ever had. Thanks again

  • Everyone loved it. Had multiple requests for the recipe. Made before but this last time in a rush and the store didnt have apricot nector. Substituted with peach and mango nector. Used a little more lemon-lime soda than the recipe calls for. Great.

  • I made this for a gathering and, based on the reviews, expected this to be outstanding and receive a lot of favorable comments. I tried it first and was disappointed. Odd combination of flavors and a little strong. Perhaps adding a bit more lemon-lime soda would have helped. I waited for comments from guests, requests for the recipe, etc. like other reviewers have experienced, but...nothing. No one asked for the recipe, and no one said the punch was good. Ive had much better punches and apparently my guests werent impressed either.

  • I wanted to make this punch for a last minute new years eve party but the grocery store didnt sell the apricot nectar. I substituted Tropicana Twister "Passion Fruit Eruption" and got a tasty result. Everyone at the party loved it, even the kids

  • I made this for a friends baby shower and it was delicious. I made an ice ring with pineapple rings and edible flowers to go with it and it was beautiful to look at, too

  • This recipe was fantastic I went by the reviews and they were absolutely true I hadnt been serving the punch for fifteen minutes and someone asked me for the recipe Also tastes good with white wine.

  • This punch was very tasty and enjoyed by all at our Christmas Eve open house.

  • Oh how easy to make and what a treat to drink. I made this punch twice for the same wedding shower and the ladies drank every last drop. Need I say more - this is a great recipe. cb

  • Everyone loves this punch It goes really fast. I added an ice ring made with pink grapefruit juice, fruit, and a little of the punch.

  • Huge hit among large crowd at an Open Housewarming. Many people asked what was in it and were amazed at how easy it was.

  • I have been using this recipe for over 25 years - the way I was introduced to it was the juices & limeade were in a frozen state (already mixed together) - brought out to partially thaw b-4 the party & when it was ready to serve the 7-up was poured over it & was a slushy drink. FABULOUS Of course we spiked it with vodka to get the party started :)

  • We used this for a baby shower and received many compliments. Definitely a keeper.

  • I served this to a very "tough" crowd at Christmas dinner and they all loved it.

  • I served this punch at a baby shower in a place without facilities for food preparation. It was delicious as well as easy and convenient to make--just open the containers, pour & mix. Several people requested the recipe.

  • Made this for my father-in-laws 80th birthday party and it was gone faster than I could believe. Im normally not a fan of punch, but I liked this one

  • I made this punch recently for a shower I hosted and everyone loved it

  • Couldnt get apricot nectar and had to settle for Guava juice but it turned out great anyways. Ended up accidently using a 12 oz can of limeade but it didnt deter from the taste. My guests and more importantly my five year old daughter loved it as did I. Will surely make it again.

  • Delicious & "refreshing" - lots of compliments - pineapple juice ice ring an excellent suggestion - thanks

  • Its fantastic. I make it at least twice a year for work parties, and my colleagues cant get enough. I add more Sprite/7-Up to make it last longer and make it less concentrated.

  • Ive made this punch several times for parties and everyone always asks for the recipe. I couldnt find apricot nectar the last time I made it and used mango nectar instead. It was still great.

  • II made this for my moms birthday partyIt was delicious Everyone one was asking for more or the recipe We all loved it

  • PUNCH is a KNOCKOUT The recipe was very easy. My co-workers loved it

  • I made this punch for a shower at the office. Everyone made a comment of it, and loved it.

  • I made this drink for a Family gathering and everyone loved it. Whenever we all get together I am asked to make the punch. I did not have any apricot nectar so I used peach nectar and it was still great.

  • We served this punch at my parents 50th Wedding anniversary party. It was a big hit I couldnt find limeade, so I used Bacardi Margarita frozen concentrate instead. I also made an ice ring with lemon, lime and pineapple frozen in it.

  • We used this punch for our wedding reception. It was super simple to mix up and tasted great We pre-mixed and refrigerated everything but the soda in gallon jugs to make it easy for the servers. We also added slices of lemon and orange to make it look fancy.

  • FANTASTIC. I made this for 10 girls at my daughters seventh birthday. they drank almost all of it I used peach juice instead of the apricot because that is what my daughter wanted. Its the perfect recipe. Not to sweet.. just right

  • Made this punch for the first time last Thanksgiving. It was a huge hit Since then my sister asked me for the recipe and used it at Christmas, and it will be on my table this Easter. Sophisticated enough for the adults, yet still enough sweetness for the kids to enjoy it also. This is already a staple

  • This was all gone at the end of my pool party. I didnt get to taste it, but Im giving it 5 stars based on not one single drop being left

  • This is the best tasting punch we have ever made. Served at Thanksgiving dinner; rave reviews from all

  • I recently made this recipe for a banquet, and everyone loved it. We had about 140 people, and I made 6 batches. I would do 7 next time.

  • This is great. So refreshing. I used mango nectar instead of the apricot.

  • I made this for a baby shower using mango instead of apricot juice. People seemed to like it, I did not have any left.

  • My all time favorite punch recipe. Not your typical flavors, a very nice change of pace with the apricot and limeade. Very light, not too sweet, and such a pretty color. Everyone loves it.

  • Very good I made this for a High School Senior function. Everyone loved it - the boys too:) Try it.

  • I get so many compliments on this.

  • This is a wonderful summer punch. My grandkids love it as is. Ive also made as an adult drink with vodka added.

  • Very good punch. I have made it for several functions and always get good feedback. I also make an ice ring out of pineapple juice and the only thing I do differently is use a 12oz. can of limeade, but I tend to like things on the tart side.

  • This was delicous, I served it at my birthday party, and put slices of lime, strawberry and kiwi in it to garnish. I was SHOCKED at the huge quantities of ingredients needed though and scaled it too my needs.

  • I am not a punch kinda person, this was excellent. Something out of the ordinary. Apricot nectar could be a little tricky to find. But really good

  • This is a wonderful summer punch. My grandkids love it as is. Ive also made as an adult drink with vodka added.

  • Served this a recent party and it was hardly touched. I enjoyed it, but when making punch you want a crowd pleaser.

  • I made this for 2 different Grad Parties and ITS A HIT Fresh- easy and Delicious. Dont change a thing The carbonated beverage makes it nice and fizzy. I make a few ice rings in advance made with ingredients from the recipe. I use fruit like marchiano cherries and frozen peaches to make the ice rings look great

  • This is a great punch. I substituted peach nectar. It held up well the next day also.

  • We liked this punch. I couldnt find the apricot nectar, so I used mango. I cant wait to try this with the apricot.

  • Punch was ok. I was expecting more but everyone seemed to like it.

  • A big hit this past Easter party. Now Ive been asked to bring it to a July 4th party Im attending. A true crowd pleaser.

  • Really great punch, made it for a brunch and everyone loved it. Have been asked to make it every week now.

  • Made this for Thanksgiving, but my family didnt like this punch. The flavors didnt seem to blend well. Too strong of apricot flavor and way too much lime flavor.

  • This is one of my absolute FAVORITE punch recipes. Yes, it makes a lot, but it is SOOOOOO GOOOOOD My go-to punch recipe

  • Good - not a huge pineapple fan, so I wasnt huge on the taste, but people seemed to like it.

  • This was fantastic I made this for a high school graduation party. Even the guys were asking "whats in this?" Now if a high school boy asks about a recipe, it has to be good. No one even touched the sodas because of this great drink. Ill definitely be making this again


  • Made this for a baby shower. Everyone loved it. It was very refreshing. I will definately make it again.

  • I like to flaot oranges with cherries on it in the punch. Limeaide is hard to find I used lemonade and it was fine.

  • It was very good...made it for a baby shower. Certainly easy, which is what I was looking for. Several people complimented on it. Made an ice ring the night before in a Budnt pan using extra peach nectar and pineapple juice. Added slices of fresh oranges, lemons and maraschino cherries. Looked very pretty in the punch bowl and kept it chilled without diluting the taste.

  • I thought the punch was on the bitter side. I altered it by adding some orange juice, less apricot nectar, and using lemonade instead of the limeade concentrate. This made for a smoother punch.

  • This was so good. I served it at a graduation party and had many requests for the recipe. One person commented that they dont like apricot but really liked this punch. It was perfect, not too sweet and it doesnt leave a funny taste in your mouth like some punches. I will be making this punch again

  • This punch was a big hit at my boss farewell reception. We had a very sweet cake, so I didnt want a super sweet beverage. Everyone went back for seconds and shared with me how much they enjoyed it. Perfect

  • I served this at my promotion ceremony and everyone loved it. I used peach nectar instead of apricot.

  • Simple and quite tasty.

  • Not only was this punch a huge success at my wedding, it is becoming increasingly popular within my family and friends. My aunt & uncle are having their 50th wedding anniversary and requested I make "THE punch". Simple light yet refreshing. I did make an ice ring using juice and colorful fruits which helps keep the drink cold yet not watered down. This is definately a winner.

  • Great recipe everyone at work loved it and I FINALLLY got done emailing the recipe to them. what a hit

  • I served this at my friends moms 50th. Everyone loved it. I made two ice rings with lemon and lime slices and pineapple chunks. It looked really pretty and it tasted just as nice.

  • The best I made one bowl with white wine and one without ... both were gone by the end of the shower, and everyone loved it. I made small ice ring with little slivers of cherry and lime, which was very pretty.

Source: Aileen's Punch

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