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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Recipe: Holiday Punch II

Great non-alcoholic punch Make a day in advance to allow the flavors to meld.

Holiday Punch II Ingredients

  • ? cup white sugar

  • 1 quart cranberry juice

  • 2 cups unsweetened pineapple juice

  • 3 tablespoons almond extract

  • 1 (2 liter) bottle ginger ale

How to Make Holiday Punch II

  1. In a large container, mix together sugar, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and almond extract. Refrigerate for 1 day.

  2. To serve, pour juice mixture into a punch bowl. Stir in ginger ale.

Holiday Punch II Nutritions

  • Calories: 58.4 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 13.7 g

  • Cholesterol:

  • Fat: 0.1 g

  • Fiber:

  • Protein: 0.1 g

  • SaturatedFat:

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 8.4 mg

  • Sugar: 12.7 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Holiday Punch II Reviews

  • This was a great holiday punch and got very good reviews at my recent party. Its a nice, simple, not overly sweet punch. I even gave away the print-out of the recipe and had to come back to print another for myself. I floated a few whole cranberries in for decoration.

  • I served this punch at a large function. I had to fix eight batches before the night was through. I was surpirsed to hear so many people rave about my punch. I love how it was not too sweet, as punch can tend to be. Thx

  • This is a super-delicious punch I always serve it for Christmas and I am always asked for the recipe Dont pass this one by

  • Easy and delicious. Make 1 day ahead. I used only 2 tsp. Almond Extract, and it was delicious. Everyone at the jewelry party loved it I will definitely make it again.

  • Great recipe I left out the sugar and almond extract ( didnt have any) and it turned out wonderfully Everyone raved about it

  • A tasty punch recipe that isnt loaded with a ton of sugar. The almond extract adds a nice flavor.

  • This is a really great punch. I was looking for something I could serve to both little ones, and adults for my grandsons 1st birthday party. This hit the spot I had people standing around the table with their cups, waiting in line Also was quite healthy for the little ones, and no caffeine.

  • I didnt have an ice mold, so I used a silicone cake pan. To avoid diluting the punch, I made the juice a day in advance, froze it in the cake pan, and sprinkled fresh cranberries on it. The only change Id make is to freeze some sort of edible fruit, so people arent trying to avoid the cranberries after the mold melts.

  • I made this punch for an office party last week and it got such rave reviews everyone at work is requesting it everyday I also floated fresh cranberries and pineapple in for decoration.

  • Great punch, but how can I spike it? What would I use and how much????

  • I served this punch today at a baby shower and it was delicious I only planned on one batch, so a girlfriend had to run to the store to get more ginger ale & pineapple juice This punch truly is delicious as well as easy We floated frozen rasberries in it.

  • I made a few modifications to this for my party and it was a giant hit. I froze cranberries into a bundt pan filled with cranberry/pom juice (did it in layers over the course of a few days). We used 2 parts cranberry juice cocktail to 2 parts Canada Dry regular ginger ale to one part 100% pineapple juice. It was so simple and so delicious

  • This was a really quick and easy recipe...I didnt refrigerate it for one day (only for a few hours) and it still turned out great

  • I am usually not a big punch drinker but made this for a holiday Ladies Event and it was a BIG hit. I made 6 batches and was left with less then a gallon of punch at the very end. Fantastic We had a punch dispenser with a spout at the bottom and I put fresh cranberries in it that floated at the top. It looked pretty and tasted great

  • One of my favorite punch recipes. I freeze the juice mixture and set out a few hours before Im going to use it then add the ginger ale....absolutely delicious and not too sweet

  • Perfect

  • Best punch EVER

  • I made this for a Christmas dinner and it was GONE before I could go back for seconds, everyone loved it

  • Love this recipe The almond extract is a super secret ingredient. I usually substitute Sprite for the Ginger Ale and omit the sugar since the juice and Sprite is sugary enough. Ive also used Blueberry Pomegranate juice in place of the cranberry and its delicious

  • I make this every time I can, and each time someone asks for the recipe. Absolutely delicious and easy.

  • This punch was excellent. The only thing I did add was additional sugar after I poured in the ginger ale. I thought it need to be more sweet. Upon adding the sugar was pink foam formed on top..which added to the appearance. I also froze orange and lemon slices and floated on top. Everyone loved this. A real hit.

  • This was easy and very good. I offered a orange flavored vodka to those who wanted spiked punch. At the end of the party the punch and vodka was gone Even the guys loved it I did the iced cranberry mold and it worked beautifully. Thanks for the great recipe.

  • Soo good Starting a new tradition

  • I absolutely loved this punch and so did my guest. Have made it many more times.

  • This is really good. I decreased the almond a little and left out the sugar (I didnt think it needed it) and it was perfect.

  • This was delicious.....this will be a Christmas time staple in my .

  • Excellent punch It has the flavor of an exotic rum drink with no alcohol. I substituted diet ginger ale to keep it from being too sweet.

  • Very popular at my party. I had a bottle of rum on the side so those who wanted an extra kick could add rum and that worked out well. I didnt put in almond extract, but otherwise stuck to the recipe and added cranberries and lemon slices for visual appeal. I would make this again.

  • I did not have Almond extract and I used Vanilla instead and it was a huge hit. Everyone loved it, both kids and adults

  • We served this alongside other holiday punches at Christmas dinner, wow I tripled the recipe and we still ran out before the evening was over. I made one bowl using diet ginger ale and they both tasted the same so going forward I will probably only use diet ginger ale to save on calories.I made recipe just as written, I do feel making it ahead of time allows the flavors to meld. The almond extract is essential, if you omit it please do not rate this recipe as you are missing the essence of the drink. this has become my go to non alcoholic drink recipe for crowds, in fact Im making it tomorrow for our Superbowl party thanks Aleta

  • Awesome PunchEveryone enjoyed it and you can make this anytime...not just for the holidays.

  • Easy, tasty, and plenty of it. Im making this at Christmas too

  • This is delicious I picked up pineapple/orange juice by mistake but it worked perfectly. Garnished it with orange slices and frozen cranberries. Everyone loved it...barely any left. Heres a tip for those who want an adult version...mix in some Travis Hasses "Apple Pie Liqueur." Great with Thanksgiving dinner

  • I thought the almond flavor was a little strong. Also, I was hoping for a redder punch, as the picture shows. Mine was not a very attractive color.

  • Served this at Thanksgiving, for the first time, and the adults and the kids loved it The only thing I changed was that I used Splenda instead of sugar (because I didnt have any sugar in the house).

  • This is the second year I served this punch at Thanksgiving and everyone loved it. I added crushed pineapple to the punch and let it sit overnight which made it even better.

  • Good punch but a tad sweet for my taste. We followed the recipe exactly.

  • I made 3 batches of this for a Christmas party and could have gone thru twice that. Im not typically a punch person and even I loved it. Bonus that it makes your refrig smell great while the flavors blend.

  • This was excellent, got many complements and everyone loved it... I forgot to put the sugar and the punch was tasty and sweet without any added sugar.

  • We served this along-side a rum punch as the "kid-friendly" option at our holiday party. It was a big hit for the children and non-drinking adults alike. Would definitely use this again

  • I was to bring drinks for Christmas Dinner. I wanted to do something different so I made this punch. It was a smash hit. I had everyone guessing the ingredients, LOL. I bought some fresh cranberries to garnish the punch.

  • BIG hit at my bridal shower. An excellent balance of flavors. Not so sweet that you cant have a few more glasses.

  • Not worth 5 stars, but is tasty

  • Everyone loved this punch. At the end of my party all I had left in my drink dispenser were the cranberries. I doubled the recipe and only used a couple teaspoons of almond extract, and I am glad I did because I think six tablespoons would have been way too much. I froze the cranberries I used for garnish, and I prechilled my ginger ale. I also made large ice cubes out of the leftover cranberry and pineapple juice, so my punch stayed nice and cold. I provided vodka as a mixer, it made a really nice cocktail. I will be making this punch again.

  • It is good, but nothing special. It tastes like any fruit punch you buy at the store. I omitted the sugar altogether and it was still incredibly sweet.

  • This punch is delicious I follow the recipe exactly as is and always get so many compliments when I serve it. I especially like to hear everyones guesses as to what the "secret" ingredient is when they ask what is in the punch.

  • This punch is awesome. Ive made it a couple times at Holiday gatherings and its always a hit

  • I made this exactly according to the directions, using 100% organic cranberry juice to give it the nice red color. (People getting a weird light color are almost certainly using a mix of cranberry, apple, grape, etc., or cranberry juice cocktail. Even if it says cranberry juice on the front label, check the ingredients). I let it sit to have the flavors meld for days even. Its too tart as written. People saying it is too sweet are again using a mix of different juices instead of pure cranberry. I used organic sugar, Canada Dry ginger ale....etc. (the good stuff) I wouldnt make this again as written. Drinkable, but not good.

  • Made this for Christmas and it was a huge hit. Best punch ever.Cut almond flavoring to 2TExcellent

  • I made this punch for my Christmas party. Everyone loved it. It was more popular than any of the food I made (and I made A LOT of food). Even the guys were asking for the recipe. This ones definitely a keeper. I cut up orange slices, froze them overnight and had them floating on the top of the punch. They kept the punch cool and looked great.

  • I did not put as much Almond flavoring as called for and it was delicious.

  • This punch will be my Xmas Special after first making it for my sons Christening I floated some frozen raspberries for interest since I had them on hand but will use cranberries over the holidays I cut the sugar down since the juices and ginger ale had a beautiful flavour without it. I found adding the sugar according to the recipe too sweet for my taste You might as well double the recipe at the outset - your guests will devour this as mine did I saved the cranberry juice container to hold the leftover punch. Even when the ginger ale has gone flat, the taste is still incredible This will be your go-to winter punch - guaranteed

  • I found that it would have tasted better without the almond.

  • I used diet Gingerale, and about half the almond flavoring. It was still great My book club loved it and several requested the recipe

  • I made this punch as a non-alcohol option and increased the serving size for 90 people. It was really tasty. when I first mixed it I was very concerned because it smelled really sweet. But once it chilled overnight and I mixed in the ginger was light, refreshing and not over sweet at all. Do not be afraid to add all the recommended amount of almond extract. It even passed my toughest critic, my mother. Only thing left at the end of the night was the orange slices.

  • I will make this by request for the third year in a row for my work holiday party. I double it, and it always disappears It is sweet (and I LOVE the almond taste) Yum (I would take suggestions on how to spike it- I see Orange Vodka but dont want to introduce a new taste.)

  • Tripled the recipe to accomodate the number of guests but did not have enough Almond extract so used 1 1/2 Tablespoons and only had enough room in dispenser for 4 liters of Ginger Ale ( 2 x 2 liters). Everyone really liked the punch--no leftovers and several requests for the recipe.

  • Made this for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. WOW Make it as is, and serve in a pretty crystal punch bowl. Delicious I only use Vernors ginger ale....makes all the difference.

  • Everybody loved it. I thought it took a LOT of almond extract but it turned out good. I made two batches and Im glad I did, everyone wanted more. I might cut the almond down in 1/2 next time just to see how it turns out. All in all, very good punch.

  • You do need the sugar. I think some reviewers may have used cranberry juice cocktail which is sweeter than plain cranberry juice. So if you go by the recipe add the sugar. Otherwise it is extremely tart. The almond extract makes this drink. Dont leave it out. Everyone loved this. Even teenagers.

  • My mother-in-law made this punch for my wedding reception 28 years ago. It was awesome and everyone loved it Now I make it for our family get-togethers. My children grew up calling it Grandma Punch Its quick easy and tastes great. Sometimes I make an ice round the night before with some of the mixture minus the ginger ale. I float cranberries and orange slices in it, freeze it then place it in the punch bowl. We have made 3-4 batches at a family gathering. Always run out Loved by all.

  • Only used 2 tsp of almond extract. It was very good. Possibly good spiked as well. Rum? Vodka?

  • This is easy and enjoyed by all when we make it. Vanilla extract can be substituted for almond as well.

  • Everyone from the kids to the adults loved it Sharing the recipe with them so they can make it over the holi.

  • I made this for a gathering a few days before Christmas. Used the Cran pomegranate juice. It didnt have much flavor. My guests added Jamaican Rum to their glasses and that helped the flavor a lot. The children were ok with it as was, but they didnt drink much. I wont make this again.

  • Made it as written and it was great Dresses it up with citrus fruit slices and cranberries and it was a hit.

  • Amazing

  • Great for the holidays the Almond Extract give it a special flavor that makes it stand out from the usual fruit punch recipes. My guests always love it Thanks for posting.

  • Excellent punch

  • Made for a holiday party at work. Everyone raved about it

  • I added frozen fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) instead of the cranberries and some raspberry or orange sherbet. It was such a hit, there was a line at the punch bowl. I too had to print out many recipes for this punch.

  • Great punch Used it for last Thanksgiving and people wanted the recipe. Definitely will use for Christmas

  • I made this punch (without any modifications) for a Christmas party. Everyone LOVED it. Thankfully, I thought ahead and made extra because the first bowl of punch was gone in a bout a half hour. The opinion that I heard over and over was that is was not super sweet and it was refreshing. The almond extract was a stroke of genius.

  • Made this for Christmas Eve and it was good. I doubt if making 24 hours in advance made any difference in the flavors though. I placed a bottle of rum and one of citrus vodka near the punch bowl and let each person add alcohol if they desired.

  • Id make this again for sure. I made a double batch but only had enough almond extract for one batch. It was plenty. If i used the correct amount i think it would have been too much. It was a hit. I put a bottle of vodka out too for the option.

  • Made it exactly to the recipe for the holiday and everyone loved it.

  • This went over well with adults and children. I didnt personally care for it that much - it tasted like Kool-Aid to me. I couldnt taste the almond extract and ended up omitting it with subsequent batches since almond extract is expensive.

  • Skipped the almond extract because most of my family doesnt like the maraschino cherry flavor. It was a huge hit, people just stood around the punch bowl all night and we kept refilling.

Source: Holiday Punch II

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